Transfers, bloody hell !— One more Wenger’s failure in transfers

Signing Lacazette & Kolasinac are one of the best signings in Wenger’s career and are also important at this point of time for the club. Appreciable work from the board and manager. But that isn't enough considering the squad instability.

Lucas Perez had become one of the flops in Arsenal’s history and it doesn’t mean the player is worst but his tendency of not adapting to the club. It’s still an undisclosed reason for his less minutes last season. He’s on his way to make a move back to his old club or elsewhere this season.

Ongoing rumours indicate, Wenger is not satisfied with Mustafi for his defensive style is not aiding Koscielny. If this is true, that will be a huge blow in terms of quality to the defense department. This directly indicates a new Center-Back is highly necessary. If a replacement is not done, Arsenal will be suffering adversely.

It’s so odd that he still wants to keep Walcott, Wilshere, Monreal and Coquelin by planning to keep the squad stable. He can sell or loan them to bring in some new players or to give potential youngsters better minutes to assure the team’s future. They are not going to be impactful for this season or in the future.

What did Wenger miss in this window?

Arsene won’t surprise us with missing on the best players to sign. But this time, it’s a horrendous mistake to miss out on Lemar. Having a RW crisis, Lemar could’ve been the better solution(he’s an ambidextrous winger). Filling the RW with Özil/Ramsey/Walcott isn't helping literally. They are so predictive for the present opponents. Alex Oxlade is the only hope to keep attack of right flank alive but he wants an immediate move as per reliable reports. Simply pathetic.

Should’ve signed Thomas Lemar, No Matter What.!

Trying on players like Draxler could really help. Welbeck is highly an injury prone, Alexis is reluctant in signing new contract and Ramsey isn’t perfect to lead the right flank. A perfect winger is still being an essential and the board shouldn’t say NO in this case.

Granit is undoubtedly a wonderful DM/CM. But he has not been provided with suitable player to help him in transitions. I don’t know what are the sensible reasons for missing out on Seri but a player like him is actually needed more than relying on Ramsey to play in deep. Present idea of playing Ramsey is not adequately helping and Coquelin should’ve been sold as Elneny is already there.

A natural regista is the most crucial requirement for the squad right now.

It’s frustrating to know the quality of defense is not upto the standards eventhough with decent number of players. Rob Holding is being unpredictable and Mertesacker had almost done with his job. If Mustafi is not getting on the regular plans of Wenger, why does the board hesitate to buy a new CB? Addressing the inevitable requirements is always delayed or not being done is quite annoying.

If the board and manager has a great ambition, Virgil VanDijk can be surely signed.

If an Europa league team-AC Milan can allure Bonucci from the mighty Juventus, why not Arsenal can bring in a world-class defender?

My overall opinion

Regardless of Sanchez stay, a potential winger like Lemar or Draxler is needed. It’s also good for Arsenal to sell Sanchez to bring an effective new forward. A change can bring some positives more than deteriorating the team and the player’s(Sanchez) career.

A controller is highly necessary more than a winger and a quality player like Seri or N’Zonzi should have been bought.

Sell/loan Wilshere and Coquelin.

With an unstable Mustafi and an injury prone Koscielny, it’s tougher for Holding and Bielik to take the team forward. Cannot trust Mertesacker for a long time consistency. A center-back like VanDijk or Tierney is an absolute necessity.

Its not the time for 3–4–3

It’s acceptable that his usage of 3–4–3 had provided comparatively good results at the end of season. But using that from the season start will literally backfire the result. Team has to go for a balanced 4 at back with natural full-backs Bellerin and Kolasinac.

If the above mentioned players are signed, I would like to install them in Wenger’s classic 4–2–3–1.

…considering the departure of Mustafi, Perez, Wilshere, Oxlade, Coquelin, Debuchy and Gibbs.

If Sanchez is sold, Lemar and Iwobi can take the left whereas Welback and Walcott can take up the right (as Welbeck is a complete forward).

This is not a great lineup comparing to the expectations but it will be more stable and consistent in my opinion. Its practically uncertain to have all aforementioned new signings to be completed, but replacing with players of equivalent quality will be a greater good.

Ideas are always being generated numerously but Wenger always has his own method of dealing, no matter what others demand.

Opinions by

Ganesh Chakravarthy

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