An open letter to Canaan and to all UASF-supporters

Dear Canaan

Thank you for creating a solid product, and thank you for the fast delivery!

My AvalonMiner has been working flawlessly since the day I turned it on.

As a producer of top notch mining equipment, it is clear that this moment in time holds a unique opportunity for you…

Please consider giving your support for BIP148.

From a pure PR and marketing perspective, your support for BIP148 is likely to be a very good business decision.

You would immediately gain enormous attention and make yourself tremendously popular amongst a large part of the bitcoin community.

In addition to purchasing your products, many bitcoiners will begin to actively promote your brand.

Everyone in the world of bitcoin will know your name, and you will forever be regarded as heroes for helping the activation of SegWit.

Dear UASF supporters

Please help me prove that the above is true.

I urge everyone of you to actively support and promote Canaan, starting today.

Give Canaan a taste of what is to come if they choose to support BIP148.

Make it clear that you will strongly support and promote Canaan if they support BIP148.

Let’s give them a solid economic incentive to join our side.

We can do this by purchasing the AvalonMiner, and clearly state that we will use it to support BIP148/UASF/SegWit.

If you don’t have the opportunity to acquire your own AvalonMiner, you can still help by actively promoting Canaan on social media.

Inform everyone in your community that Canaan can make fast delivery of top quality mining equipment and make it clear that Canaan is your favorite ASIC producer.

This is truly a Win-Win!

Let’s make SegWit happen!

The AvalonMiner can be ordered here: