Just because one entity is evil does not mean others are not.
Alphonse Pace

I think that your concerns are valid, and I appreciate your feedback!

However, I don’t think the situation can be made any worse by encouraging people to support the competitors of Bitmain..

I believe it to be (at least) plausible that Canaan haven’t yet taken a stand on BIP148.

I therefor suggest that we (as a strategic maneuver) should give them an incentive to join our side.

I believe we can do this by making it clear that we will support them if they support us.

If many UASF supporters started to also support and promote Canaan; then I believe they would realize the great business opportunity it would be for them to support BIP148 in return.

Think about all the free advertisement that Cannan would get from the community if they actually decided to support the UASF/BIP148.

BIP148 could become an enormous business opportunity for Canaan if they play their cards right. And I think we should let them know about this potential opportunity.

I have been doing this “campaign” on Twitter for a few weeks now, and Canaan have responded positively by liking nearly all of my tweets and also retweeting many of them (all of the tweets mention UASF)

Yes, this is a gamble, and you may think that it is all wishful thinking from my side…

But what is the worst thing that could happen?

If it all fails then I may end up looking like an idiot, but I can live with that..

I honestly think that the upside is much greater than the downside in this case…

Here is an interesting tweet from Canaan (it was actually this tweet that inspired me to start my Pro-Canaan-Campaign):


Also check out the 10MW datacenter that Canaan is building in Sweden:


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