Learned helplessness.
The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD

Learned helplessness comes from somebody paying you way when you contribute nothing to the system. Rather like socialism.

Your version of “learned helplessness” is a person working at Walmart and not “making lots of money because they don’t have the ‘privilege’ of working a white collard job,” which assumes white collar jobs are somehow inherited and not earned or kept by productive action.

Look at Cuba. Look at Venezuela. Look at China. Every system has its tiers of society. Farmers, designers, architects, construction workers, executives,

Capitalism ensures that avenues exist for the farmer to become an executive, and for the construction worker to start her own architecture firm, and for the Walmart worker to become a supervisor, then a manager, then a district manager, or a photographer to sell his intellectual property, for innovation to profit so you can buy that Macbook on which you wrote this article, and buy your iPhone with a credit card.

Personal responsibility comes before your hatred of the system to which you contribute.

You haven’t even thought about the design, production, assembly, distribution, marketing, and packaging of items you use on a daily basis that would be impossible for you to buy or even WISH for under a socialist economy.

Ask a Cuban to tell you about the most expensive item they own. Then tell me how socialism works.