Blockchains for the responsible crackers

Disclaimer: the following is but a fictional story set in the times of today’s technological age. any and all characters are fictional, any and all settings are but a conjuring of an imaginative mind. it is said that life mimics art, so if this is to come to past, just give me credit for being one of the first time’s you’ve read or heard about this.


As Bené walked past the security guard, he couldn’t but help notice that the guard’s cup of coffee seemed to not be as effective as it should’ve been. the security guard pulling a double because his co-worker’s kid got sick, seemed to be running on fumes. Bené greeted the guard in a friendly manner,

“One of those nights huh?” asked Bené 
*sigh* something like that, badge?” replied the guard

Bené reaching in his right back pocket, pulled out a slither of plastic with his picture and identification information and displayed it toward the guard.

“One of those nights huh?” said the guard in a mocking but playful tone. Bené laughed as he placed the ID card back into his back pocket.

“Thank you Mr. Hollock, don’t work too late” said the guard with a tired laugh. “Ha, I won’t. just need to finish up some last minute edits to a proposal due tomorrow.” replied Bené.

As Bené pressed the “Up” button on the elevator call box, he pulled out his phone to check the GPS tracker he had placed upon Thomas Hollock’s smartphone weeks prior. he was ensuring that Mr. Hollock was in his house, probably in his bed, and not coming to cause a problem for him. the elevator door bell sounded before it opened a second later.

“Have a nice one man, hope your night goes smoothly” he told the guard as he entered the elevator car and pressed the “8” button. the elevator door’s remained open for 2 seconds more before the elevator door bell sounded and they closed.

As the elevator car ascended, each floor it had passed was signaled by a chime. once the elevator car ceased moving with a slight jerk, the bell chimed once more and the door’s opened. Bené exited the elevator car and headed to the right, down a hallway that illuminated every 5 feet as his walked. the building was fitted with automatic lighting, done to try and reduce energy consumption if traffic wasn’t present in the halls. as the light’s acted as an illusionary guide, he checked room numbers.

810, 815, 820, 825

Bené stopped at a door with a window panel made into it. as he peeped through the class he could only see faintly what was in the room as the single monitor at the login screen bathed the room in a blue hue. he produced a lock-pick set and began to manipulate the locks mechanisms and after roughly a minute of tampering, he succeeded in gaining access to the office. he entered and closed the door behind him gently and without turning on the room’s lights, made his way over to the ignited login screen.

Upon reaching the screen he removed a SD card from his pocket, a funny looking one it was. it had a purple body with the symbol of a golden elephant on the front. Bené thought to himself,

“Kr8ne, you better not had f***** me over on this! I swear man!

Bené inserted the custom SD card into the SD slot of the tower and waited for it to do it’s magic. the SD card held the creation of “Kr8ne”, a coder who was well known to Bené as they had met doing Bené’s college days. Kr8ne had been telling Bené about Blockchain’s and the potential for it to possibly allow for the lawless world of hackers to come under some form of ‘civility’. Thinking back about the conversation he’d had with Kr8ne, he replayed the explanation given to him…

“This new program I’ve coded is linked to a private-blockchain that is operated by my band of cracker buddies. what it will do is after the program is executed, the SD card will automatically erase contents and format itself.

said Kr8ne, Bené replied so quick he almost cut Kr8ne off at the last word,

“But why?! why the hell would it do that? if the program works, which it better, I may want to use it again. what the hell?

Kr8ne responded,

“See the thing about this is you’re actually testing something for me… well us, which is why you aren’t being charged this go around.

Bené’s face formed a slight smirk and he wanted to question Kr8ne why he charged him for programs, but because Kr8ne’s programs were well written and never faltered, he kept that nagging question to himself. Kr8ne continued,

“We want to test the effectiveness of blockchain’s with 1-run programs. we’re calling these little puppies ‘Praxis Kits’.” “Like Deus Ex?” questioned Bené, “Just like Deus Ex” replied Kr8ne, “You do know th..” Kr8ne stopped Bené mid-sentence and replied, with a sigh, “Yes, yes I know…” Kr8ne’s tone turned to one of mocking “Praxis wasn’t a hacking kit”, Kr8ne continued…

“We liked the ‘one use and done’ idea, and decided to run with it. sue us. anyways, once the program is executed the SD Card is formatted and rendered unusable to prevent any form of data analysis and save our own footprints in the process.

Bené not fully sold on this new thing, questioned further…

“So Kr8ne, explain, what’s the point? I mean I could simply just burn the damn thing or run it through a shredder. why ar..” Kr8ne cut him off,

“Bené, this is going to revolutionize hacking man! imagine being able to prevent your program from running if it wasn’t given to someone with your permission? imagine having something like STUXNET on one of these and they fall into the wrong hands? Imagine having some of those 0-days from the NSA leak, but 100 times more OP’d and you don’t want someone using it with complete free reign? by using blockchain’s, we can control the use of our programs. we can in effect bring some form of control to our lawless landscape.

Bené couldn’t quite understand the whole idea or motivation behind it but he wasn’t concerned with the how’s, just the results. his daydream was interrupted when the login screen vanished and he was greeted with Mr. Hollock’s chihuahua desktop wallpaper. he navigated over to a folder titled “17Jul2017” and opened it. finding a document titled “RUN0192_FinalDraft” he opened it up, and printed out a copy. the document only 5 pages long seemed like some code to a program. after retrieving the document from the printer, he removed the SD card and holding it in his hand he thought about just leaving it there,

“Kr8ne wouldn’t care right? suppose to automatically format right?” thought Bené, but he tucked it into his pocket and exited the session, returning the system back to it’s login window. as he left the office he thought back to Kr8ne’s explanation and still could not understand the whole purpose of it all. but he didn’t care, he got the documents he wanted and he was on his way back to his flat. as he exited pass the guard, who by now had started counting sheep, he checked his phone once more to ensure Mr. Hollock’s smartphone GPS icon didn’t move… and it hadn’t. as Bené left the building, he was swore to himself he’d ask Kr8ne to fully explain the whole purpose behind blockchain and his new once-and-done “Praxis” cards.


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