Is this the final push?

Is it the final push?

The last nine months have been very difficult. We have felt in limbo — our futures on hold. We don’t know what plans we need to make — at work or for our families. But there is hope:

We call on all EU citizens living in the UK and their British spouses, family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours to contact their MP and book an appointment at their surgery this Friday or in the following weeks.

Tell your personal story and bring a copy of the Commons Brexit Committee report to ask your MP work with the Government to implement the recommendations in an emergency bill within 3 months of Article 50 being triggered, as also requested by amendment 9b.

We were happy that the House of Lords heard our voice and voted to ensure the Government guarantee our rights but the Government will clearly do everything in its power to defeat any amendment to the Article 50 bill so let’s use our energy positively

The Commons Brexit Committee — unanimously, across political parties, from both sides of the referendum — has heard our evidence, from EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in Europe, and supported our joint call for an immediate guarantee by the UK Government to secure our rights, and then to work with the EU governments to put a detailed plan in place to achieve that.

We ask the Government to uphold these recommendations and to implement them, including our key demands to streamline the PR process, including accepting the NHS as cover for CSI.

This is what we ask:

‘We ask the Government to uphold and implement all recommendations by the Commons Brexit Committee report (see below in point 3), including our key demands to streamline the Permanent Residence process and accepting the NHS as cover for Comprehensive Sickness Insurance.

We also want MPs to support us to pressure the Government to introduce legislation to secure our residency rights within 3 months of Article 50 being triggered.’

How to lobby?
1. contact your MP (
2. book a Friday surgery appointment
3. Bring the report
4. Ask your MP to support EU citizens according to the statement above

Finally, don’t forget to share the bargaining chip videos:

We are not bargaining chips:

James and Patrizia’s story:

Emmy Van Deurzen’s story:

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