Isn’t sleep and social life supposed to be stress relieving you said? Yes, but not if individuals are in a state where their sleeping schedule are a complete mess, are always physically drained, and social life are turning into a stressful must-do to keep up and stay relevant.
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I agree with basically everything you wrote, especially the idea that someone should not look down their nose at a student as if we do not have any “real” responsibilities, expenses, or stressors! In regards to this part I highlighted, I would also add that for many students, one’s “social life” is basically another form of work. For most of the students in my program, The Creative Industries, networking is one of the most important activities necessary for job acquisition. In realms like music, tv, or fashion, who you know is often as or even more important than what you can offer. As someone who has spent quite a bit of time “out and about” when I just wanted to be at home, comfortable and relaxing, I can attest to the fact that having a social life, even or maybe especially one that you can barely squeeze into your already overfull schedule, can often be just one more thing that tires one out. This is even more true for those who identify as being more introverted and less prone to social exposure, let alone people with social anxiety, and so on…

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