The 5 Songs You NEED On Your Summer ’16 Party Playlist

The Top 40 Song

As much as you might hate this glossy earworm you KNOW it will be asked for again and again…and again. I mean pop is short for “popular” for a reason — so keep this song hearted so you can get to it quick quick!

This spot is awarded to the song “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony

The Trappers Anthem

So you just played the softest tune coming out of Top 40 radio and the homies stroll through…what now!? No worries. We gotchu fam. Pop this shit in, sit they ass down and tell’em — “Listen To This Track, Bitch.” Stay Woke.

This spot is awarded to Mr. West’s latest musical menagerie “Champions”

The Throwback Song

Last, but certainly not least, this spot is for those made-for-summer, 95 degree day, nostalgia inducing tunes that will forever take you back to that community pool where you had your first kiss. These songs are mad critical as well because, truth be told, if she doesn’t know them…she’s too young for you bro!

This spot is awarded to the song “Candy Rain” by Soul For Real

The “Country” Song

This spot is designated for that odd guy/girl out who just NEEDS TO HEAR THAT NEW LUKE BRYAN SONG! Of course you don’t have it…but you do have this time tested, tried and true countrified banger guaranteed to satisfy both urban and rural party goers.

This spot is awarded to the song “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” by Tracie Adkins

The EDM-Is-Not-Dead Song

Ravers are everywhere. They look like us, talk like us and even party like us. They’re that shy girl in the corner, that quiet kid at pong and even that random white dude you see at every party. But their music is anything but shy, quiet or a random-white-dude. You may not always know who they are, but they’ll know who you are if you play this song.

This spot is awarded to the song “Breathe” by Eric Prydz