Analysis: How does the ARAW Platform compare against the competition?

The competition has been fierce in the crypto space over the past few years, especially in the e-commerce and payments industries. ARAW has been one of the main actors for a while as it offers an all-in-one, end-to-end solution, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. But how does it compare to other competitors? In this comparative article, we will display why and how ARAW is able to be a driving force in the cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and payments industries.

ARAW Token Ecosystem vs. Other Competitors

One of the biggest strengths of the ARAW Token Ecosystem is the fact that it already has a live product and is already well established in the e-commerce and payments industries. This is not the case for most of its other competitors, which gives the project a huge advantage in the space. The fact that the ARAW marketplace has been active and working for over a year now shows that the company has more experience and is already a major force in the industry. The mobile applications have been on the App Store and the Google Play Store since May 2017. Moreover, the company is one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency e-commerce and payments sector. Incorporated in 2016, it was one of the first companies of its kind.

We are also the only ones to enable in-store micropayments with the ARAW Touch and Pay Card. This physical card allows our customers to pay for small everyday expenses using their ARAW token balance. No other competitor offers such an easy way to pay at retail establishments using their proprietary cryptocurrency.

Thanks to our Open API platform and our Plug & Play model, online stores and global merchants across the world can simply integrate our blockchain based e-commerce platform into their offering. This includes our e-commerce widget and the ARAW Payment Gateway. These merchants can also have access to all of our technical APIs, which makes the transition to a blockchain based e-commerce platform seamless and easy. Only a few competitors have an Open API platform and we truly believe that providing this to merchants worldwide gives us an advantage and can help us expand internationally.

Furthermore, the ARAW Token Ecosystem is one of the few to offer an easy and reliable banking system integration. This allows our customers to link their bank accounts and credit cards to obtain ARAW tokens and make purchases on the marketplace. In turn, they can also convert the tokens to fiat and transfer it to their bank accounts. On top of that, our mobile wallet makes it easy to store multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies such as BTC, ETH, ARAW, and USD. Exchanging fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto is extremely fast, simple, and can be done directly on our mobile application.

One of the other strong points of the platform is our Unified Rewards System. At ARAW, we want to create trust between merchants and customers, and we want to do this by building a true loyalty program that will serve both. We are doing this with the ARAW token. The way it works is simple: a customer makes a purchase on the ARAW marketplace with fiat and is rewarded with ARAW tokens. This customer is later able to use these tokens to make another purchase on the marketplace with another merchant. This way, the customer feels rewarded and keeps coming back to the marketplace for his/her purchases.

Lastly, ARAW offers a payment solution with its ARAW token and gives online businesses the ability to easily implement ARAW Pay to accept online payments with a simple click.


In conclusion, even though the industry is full of competitors, the ARAW Token Ecosystem has numerous features and advantages that are not present in other projects. Features such as the Unified Rewards System and the Touch and Pay Card make the platform stand out. In addition, the fact that ARAW has had a live product for a long time and been in business since 2016 gives it an edge over other competitors. This is very promising for the future of the ARAW platform and we are very excited to share the adventure with our supporters, as we look forward to our ICO, which will happen soon.