ARAW Announces New Strategic Partnership with CREDITS!

At ARAW, we are continually looking to expand and develop our activities and to partner with leaders in the payments and e-commerce industries. We have been successfully doing so in the past with MegaX, Bleep, and other industry leaders.

Today, ARAW is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with CREDITS, one of the future pioneers of blockchain networks, decentralised applications, and smart contracts.

What is CREDITS?

CREDITS is a blockchain-based platform that allows for the development, deployment, and execution of decentralised applications and smart contracts. It solves a lot of existing problems that other blockchains such as the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum one have. It allows for faster and cheaper transactions on the network and can support up to 1 million transactions per second. Therefore, it gives users the ability to use cryptocurrency for micro-payments and micro-transactions, at a fraction of the cost at a very high speed.

How will the partnership work?

Our partnership with CREDITS represents a significant step forward for the ARAW token platform. The way this partnership will work is auspicious. We will be developing our liquidity smart contract on the Credits blockchain-based platform. This will allow the ARAW token transaction rate to increase and the cost of each transaction to decrease. Each transaction will take 0.01 second and will only cost $0.001. Therefore, our customers using the ARAW Token ecosystem and the ARAW marketplace will experience faster and cheaper transactions, improving the overall user experience and shopping experience.

ARAW Team is very excited to work with CREDITS to facilitate payments for our customers on the ARAW platform. With existing blockchains, especially the Ethereum ledger, transactions are slow, and the network often gets clogged. This is solved by the CREDITS platform, which is why we truly believe that this partnership will prove to be very valuable to our customers and merchants. Moreover, it will increase our customer satisfaction rate and retention rate. We are proud of this agreement and look forward to further developing the future of e-commerce with CREDITS as our strategic partner.