Do you have MVP available to test?
The Araw E-Commerce Platform MVP is ready for testing. Please check —

Which cryptocurrency you will be accepting?

Is there a whitelist?
Yes. We will be releasing whitelist registration and KYC information soon. Please subscribe for updates at

Does ARAW Token Sale require KYC?
ARAW aims to be as credible and compliant as possible in everything it does, including KYC verification. In order to participate in the ARAW token sale, you must complete the KYC process. We will be releasing whitelist registration and KYC information soon. Please subscribe for updates at so you don’t miss anything.

Who cannot participate?
US and Chinese citizens will not be able to participate in the ARAW Token ICO. We also plan to comply with restrictions placed on citizens of other nations and will continue to monitor the legal environment closely.

Is there a lock-up period for Team and Advisors?
Coins that are allocated to the team and advisors will be in locked up to 1 year.

Which exchanges will list the ARAW token?
We are working closely with our advisors to be fully compliant and well positioned for being listed on exchanges. Furthermore, we have engaged early with exchanges and the process is ongoing, therefore for strategic and legal reasons, we can only disclose names once all is confirmed.

How will ARAW acquire new merchants onboard?
Our business development team are on-boarding experts and have routes into the target markets. Additionally we have dedicated a substantial amount in for marketing to attract more Merchants to join our platform. There are several merchants interested to be an early adopter of the Blockchain based solutions. Partnership pipeline is already in progress — stay tuned for official announcements.

How do you plan to involve customers on your platform?
Basically, we are going to target Merchants first; Merchants have their own Loyal customers who will start getting rewards in ARAW tokens and get interesting vouchers time-to-time out of the box without them to do anything like understanding blockchain technology etc. Our goal is to create a transparent ecosystem for regular customers around the world which can be used by them without them to change their shopping behavior and still get benefits from cryptocurrency world! We are aiming to get visible directly to regular customers around the world to make them use our E-Commerce platform by mid 2020.

Why do we need a payment card?
We want to make the Araw the defacto payment solution for everyday transactions, for all, regardless of their knowledge of Blockchain. In this vision, Araw payment card will play a crucial role

Do we have a partnership with Paypal/stripe?
No; PayPal and Stripe payment gateways are interfaced into our current mobile application platform using virtual points without blockchain support. This is separate to Araw token.

This market is so lucrative yet many players are trying to buy in because of that. So how are you going to compete in this arena that until now there’s no crypto payment system adopted in the e-commerce world. You’re really up for a real challenge here. 
Yes, Crypto payment is missing in the e-commerce world; this was our first step forward to think about the solution. The world is moving towards Blockchain technology; so ARAW will be the first one to offer an end-to-end solution of intuitive and seamless integration of the Decentralised Payment and E-Commerce ecosystem. Our goal is to keep this integration totally transparent to the customers so that they don’t need to change their shopping behaviour or understand the complexity of Blockchain technology. Easy, intuitive and rewarding, and first to market gives us a huge opportunity really changes how daily transactions operate

Is the smart contract ready?
Smart contract is available on our github repository — we have been going through security Audit and testing on Ethereum test-net. We are planning to deploy on the Ethereum main-net in June/2018 as per our whitepaper.

Will this card be physical or can I request the virtual card? Do have a minimum investment to receive the physical card?
A: Thanks for the great question! We are going to have two ways to pay

1. A virtual card in Araw Mobile Wallet Customers App
2. Physical Card

These both always be in sync with each other.

A virtual card in Araw Mobile Wallet Customers App is going to be our quick solution to achieve great adoption of ARAW across the globe. Merchant Mobile App will be able to recognise Customer App Virtual Card for accepting payments. As per ARAW business paper, we are aiming to achieve this by Q3 2019.

For Physical card; based on your location and our support (we are going to start with the UK and then expand in Europe); there will be a small one-off minor fees for the physical card. We are aiming to allow integration of the ARAW card with Apple / Google Pay to enable touch-and-pay transactions to any card readers but this will be in our next phase after we have partnered with Visa/Master card — this will be our biggest challenge which we aim to achieve in Mid 2020.

What if I have more questions?
Contact us on or comment below — we will answer here.