E-Commerce Ecosystem for Merchants and Consumers

We are in digital generation and consequently, the era of digital currency. Similarly, a lot of crypto-coin exchange websites exist. Hence, the reason for the everyday question of “why is bitcoin rising.” A lot of people are just in cryptocurrency without any basic idea of how it works. Of course, cryptocurrency is widely believed to disrupt many sectors including the retail and e-commerce, but just little has been done when it comes to rewarding both the customers and participating merchants for every purchase and/or contribution on any of the reward program. The goal of the ARAW Token is to reward our customers without needing them to change their shopping behaviour or needing them to know underlying complexity of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. The crypto-coin market is characterized by volatility; we are aware of this, and we are here with ARAW Token to reshape and revamp the retail and E-commerce industry by creating a win-win situation for the merchants and our consumers. With the different crypto lending platform and crypto-trading forums (particularly on Reddit cryptocurrency forum), customer’s participation in many of the existing crypto loyalty reward programs appears to be fading, this article, however, seeks to provide information about the benefits of ARAW token to both merchants and customers.

ARAW Tokens, built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, is anchored by the smart contract technology. This technology provides the retail and e-commerce community with further integration of unified reward program by erecting and designing various solutions that are directed to improving and enhancing the productivity and quality of not only the customer’s online shopping experience but also adding values to our participating merchant’s stores. The Blockchain technology provides Araw Tokens the means to transform the world. Therefore, we seek to improve the e-commerce and retail industry by rewarding customers on their shopping time and experiences and also design an intelligent market system by means of a reward platform that inspires the community to participate fully.

Overall, when it comes to purchasing the essential household items, individuals like stretching their budget, but there seem to be insufficient approaches to bundle the consumer’s purchasing power and their extended friend’s purchases to get rewards. Most of the tools adopted got these programs fail to meet the growing demands of consumers because they are complicated to use and time-consuming.

Similarly, the bargaining power is gradually moving towards the merchants from the consumers. Hence, ARAW token aims to disrupt the traditional E-commerce shopping experience through a more rewarding and alternate approach, In the current ARAW Token model, all participants; Araw token holders, users, merchants, and consumers are rewarded thereby developing a sustainable crypto-model and high- consumer stickiness approach. The current ARAW token platform ensures that our users or consumers can generate rewards from their purchases and those of their referrals.

Moreover, through our easy to use and user-friendly mobile app, ARAW tokens can be transferred from one token holder to another. By purchasing Araw tokens or using our tokens to purchase goods from any of our participating merchants, consumers can instantly earn cash without increasing their shopping expenses or changing their shopping habits. Through our platform with in-built AI capabilities, our participating merchants will benefit from ARAW token by receiving consumer insight and meeting their demands. Similarly, smaller participating merchants on ARAW platform will also benefit through the acquisition of new consumers and users on the platform. Protected and made easy by the smart contracts Blockchain, we want to give our merchants the control of their rewards through the provision of an easy-to-manage platform to utilize the funds received from selling products or goods. This will substantially increase their usability and offer them greater security.

Provisioned with the needed customer’s details, our retailers or merchants will have the opportunity to tailor their incentives or rewards in relation to the interests of the consumers thereby increasing in-store conversion and enabling a better shopping experience. As we plan to make Araw Token a universally-accepted Token throughout the world, our micropayment feature ensures that our users will earn ARAW token at any of their preferred bookshops and redeem their points at a local coffee shop.

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