Revolutionise the micro-payment industry through the ARAW Tokens

This is 2018; the year of cryptocurrency as widely speculated by many crypto experts and analysis, and the question asked by most people is “what is the best crypto to invest in this year”. The coin market cap and the associated crypto-coin price that comes with is enough, a reason to invest in crypto this year. There are many crypto-trading groups and cryptocurrencies; each disrupting and decentralising different industries but no remarkable progress has been directed towards having a more decentralised and crypto coin for the micropayment industry, especially for the retail and E-commerce industry. However, it must be noted that the Lightening Network vows to bring micropayment to the Bitcoin world. Like two terms that should mix, cryptocurrency and micropayments sound alike and must be given the needed attention in the crypto-space. Some of the acute problems of micropayments have been solved by the introduction of cryptocurrency and smart contracts blockchain. The micropayment industry has a unique business model characterised by simple and convenient access to low-cost purchases. As a result of the little amounts of micro-transactions, it is not profitable for the electronic payment industry. Then comes cryptocurrency where the transaction fee is very small (compared to the traditional payment industry) and doesn’t rely on the size or amount of transaction. With the emergence of cryptocurrency, therefore, consumers are able to save huge commission costs while making micro-transactions or micropayments.

Over the past few years, there has been a huge investment in bitcoin and bitcoin rise owes credence to the global adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, therefore, is believed to be a revolutionary and decentralized monetary system as well as the alternative to bankcards. As a result of the long-awaited transactions fee and volatility, bitcoin began to decrease in value. The incessant falling speed of transactions, scalability throughout the world, and increased fees rendered bitcoin useless for the micropayments industry. Evidently, it is still cheaper, easier, and convenient using your credit card to order for a cup of coffee or rather pay in cash. This does not mean that we underestimate the innovate impact of Bitcoin in the digitization of the micropayments industry, some other cryptocurrencies including the ARAW token were encouraged by Bitcoin principles and started developing much faster than their progenitor.

With the ARAW token, we have particularly developed the ARAW platform to revolutionize the micropayments industry while meeting the needs of consumers as well as make the industry more feasible. The experienced and competent team, when creating ARAW token, adopted the full potentials of advanced technologies to develop an instant and secure way of making micropayment by our participating merchants. The technology behind the ARAW token micropayment mechanisms is superior to many of the cryptocurrencies in the micropayments industry. The combination of these technological solutions on ARAW token platform permits our users, The ARAW Token holders or participating merchants to make micro-transactions at a very high speed; with a lot of promising remarkable material benefits and of a very small size with a little transaction fee (less than 0.5% of the total transaction).


  • Instant transactions,
  • Minimum commissions,
  • Transparency,
  • Decentralization,
  • Flexibility,
  • Reliability and efficiency.

Carried out using the ARAW Tokens, the micropayments industry has already built a distinct economic branch in the global crypto-space. Inspired by the ARAW Token Platform, this development is now a modern era for many E-commerce stores as it enables a significant growth in efficiency and effectiveness of monetizing the retail and E-commerce stores.

The ARAW micropayment solutions combine the potentials of the ARAW tokens: a blockchain-based unified reward cryptocurrency specifically built for the E-commerce stores, to address and bring everlasting solutions to the inherent challenges of the existing micropayments industry. The ARAW Token platform is in line with the global micropayments ecosystem to meet the demands of consumers and our participating merchants. Because of the exciting features, the ARAW Token micropayment platform is unique and different from the giants in the industry. These features such as product/retail management, merchant payment solutions, order management, invoicing management/support, and product support tools make the ARAW token micropayment platform exciting and exceptional for all consumers and retailers in the global E-commerce space. The ARAW token platform will offer transparency for the micropayments services and apply high standards of business and ethical conduct for our users.