6 Pieces of Business Advice I Would Give Pre-Mom Me

Stephanie Conner
Nov 14, 2017 · 2 min read
Why didn’t I appreciate the freelance lifestyle more before I became a mom??? (Image/Thinkstock)

I’m one of those moms who actually does remember my life and myself before becoming a mom. It wasn’t that long ago, after all. I remember how I thought I was a busy freelancer/solopreneur. (Bahahahaha.) And how I thought I had a lot of responsibilities. (Bahahahaha) And how much I worked. (Ugh.)

I don’t remember anyone giving me especially profound advice pre-motherhood. But to be fair, if they had, there’s a chance I would not have listened anyway. But I might have listened to my future self. If I could find a DeLorean with a working flux capacitor, I’d skip the sports almanac and give myself some advice. I’d tell that younger, pre-mom me:

1. Take more days off.

Good grief, woman. You work for yourself. Stop working so hard and so much. Take time off to go hiking, take yoga seminars or read under a shade tree. Because in a few years, you’ll be too tired and time-starved to do these simple things.

2. Enjoy that flexible schedule you say is so important.

Why do you insist on working through lunch and going to the gym after work? Why aren’t you shopping on Tuesday afternoons and going to yoga at 10 a.m.? You’ve made your schedule less flexible than a regular 9-to-5er.

3. Do more for yourself.

You think finding time for a massage is hard now, but it’s going to get hard. So. Much. Harder. Do more for yourself now so that when you become a mom, self-care is already a priority for you.

4. See your friends more.

You’re an introvert and a homebody; I get it. But you love your friends, and as you all start having kids, your friendships are going to morph into these text- and Facebook-based relationships. Go get a beer, pronto!

5. Kick crappy clients to the curb.

After you have a baby, you’ll realize just how valuable your time is. And you won’t have time for clients who treat you poorly or do to work you don’t enjoy. But why do you think you have time for that crap now? Your time is still valuable! Don’t work for others who don’t acknowledge that.

6. Start your book.

Um, yeah, it’s gonna be a few years before you get any real time back to yourself. So, if you think you want to write a book and create a blog to support it and all that jazz, don’t wait; start that draft now.

It’s hard to know for sure if pre-mom me would’ve listened. But I think post-mom me makes good points. So, if anyone has a time machine they might be able to lend me, let me know.

Stephanie Conner

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Content marketer, writer, editor, biz owner, ASU grad, former adjunct faculty member, mom, wife, tired. www.kiddoscook.com and www.theactivevoice.com

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