How my simple Android app got first 1000 installs on Google Play

Nevertheless Android development was a bitter experience for me at the start. Whether I should talk about the huge API references and complicated project structure to the package stuff. As I came from the somewhat more “basic” Web Development background where you can keep any file anywhere. Java was never been my interest as I’ve never found any need to focus on it.

Extra Lite For Facebook — A Basic Android App

So struggling a lot through the confusing words like Intents, Activities, Fragments, Broadcasts and yeah the Adapters. I’ve made a way through it and developed a simple(Very) web view app. This app was not doing the complicated stuff like handling sessions and relative layouts and version handling. The app which allows users to use the light version of very well known social platform Facebook.

Leaving the rest stuff behind let’s get to the point. Without paying a buck for marketing I’ve successfully attracted enough users to install my basic app. And guess what in less than two months I got my first thousand installs! Where people struggling for their first 100 users how did I managed to do that much? Well multiple things let’s look at them one by one.

Users’ Need: Official app lacks in multiple things:

Well not insulting the Facebook but they surely don’t care much about the people’s low bandwidth connections. They, on the name of better UI keep eating your data and want to track as much as possible. The app size of the official app is a shame. Lower level Android phones can’t bear investing so much memory. And even on the high level Android Phones that apps keep eating data with frequent updates.

One more thing I’ve noticed that Facebook’s official app slows itself down or breaks whenever it’s not updated. We know that it’s necessary for security reasons but it’s really annoying to the users. And come on you cannot release an update every second week. And due to all these reasons I’ve developed this simple yet data saving app. Which definitely not the coolest app you’ll ever see but surely it does it’s work.

Facing the competition:

There were apps which were promising to save the data and do such stuff same as my app does. But to be honest they were lacking in it too. I’ve seen such apps have better interface than mine but not as light as my app was. I’ve noticed this things and kept it basic — very basic. And which is I believe attracted the users.

I’ve seen people using a light weight browser like Opera or UC mini to run the Facebook’s basic version. Usefulness of the software is more important than its look. I mean what you’ll do with a shining BMW if doesn’t run properly.

Marketing — Well actually doesn’t needed:

Well as the Facebook is a well known platform all I needed to do is to show what my app can do. So I chose the tagline:

Save up to 90% data while using Facebook!

And guess what it worked great. And without much head banging I got my first thousand installs. I plan to release an ad free version once I reach AdMobs payment threshold. And I’ll really love to see people rating my app five star with a smile (:

My app is called “Extra Lite For Facebook” you search it on Google Play if you want to have a look.

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