SEO shit — Why you will never reach your payment threshold while blogging?

Are you tired of posting SEO friendly posts and not yet receiving enough traffic on your blog? Have you completed your first six months of blogging and still your AdSense and other affiliate income stats are not meeting the threshold? Or do you think you made lesser income with your blog. If answer of any of these questions is yes keep reading.

SEO Shit!

SEO shit

Stop running behind SEO!

This is one of the most weird advice you’ll ever get from a blogger. Trust I’ve been doing this for more than a year for my own blog. I’ve been reading through the posts and forums about optimization of a blog for better SEO generating back links keyword research and a lot more shit.

Does SEO makes a difference? Obviously it does but wait what the heck the title above about then? Calm down. All I’m saying here is that when we research for keywords and try to make posts out of those keywords is the time when we lose our focus. The focus on what we are really interested in writing about. Instead of writing what we really care about we start writing about what the stats are saying weather it’s part of our expertise or not!

This is the thing that most of the newbie bloggers are doing. And if you didn’t stop doing that then you already out of business. You need to understand that the people who search those keywords are looking for great help and not just some 500 words long text of shit in it.

Forget about search engines:

Search engines make the difference in case of blogging. And most of the bloggers write for the search engine. But often they forget about their niche.

There’s more than just the search engine:
Search engines such as Google and Bing are the major ways that people use to find the information and that’s true. But wait is it the only way? Then the answer is no! There are number of other ways to get attention for your blog.

Considering you’ve left the decade old SEO ideology behind and started thinking what useful information you can deliver to people. Now you got a blog of extreme use where people can get really helpful stuff. And that too is which you are interested in. Let it be anything right from the your favorite language tutorials to the gardening stuff. You are doing what you like to do. Spreading awareness which itself will give you ultimate satisfaction.

Connect with people:

Are you on all major social networks? If not create profiles right now and start sharing your blog posts and start interacting with people! This will not only give you the right audience but will provide you a way to generate targeted traffic. And this will lead to continuous growth in users who will appreciate your work and will thank you for your contribution. Now add this in your satisfaction.

Create Email Subscribers’ List:

Got enough visitors and followers on social media? It’s time to keep them engaged. Start collecting their email addresses. This will allow you to be at the center of their attention which is their inbox. But beware of annoying your subscribers with spam and ads. Try to keep it organised. Think about sending a mail a week with excerpt of your recent posts.

This will not annoy your users. And do make sure that you are following email guidelines.

Find contributors:

Are you getting enough attention and need help to generate more content. Interview writers or let them publish guest posts which will help you. But make sure you are posting content which makes sense to users.

This will lead you gain attention into the writers too. For reaching more people start guest posting on other blogs which will allow you gain attention of users of similar blog’s. Use a signature as a link to your site below your description on such posts.

Congrats you just got the fame!

As you know once you got the fame you can start making money. As you have a subscribers list in your mailbox. You can now start selling useful stuff. Maybe an eBook or a subscription to your video tutorials. Or how about affiliated giveaway deals.

You’ll be able to make enough revenue through it. But do you want to spam your users who trust you? no right? Yes you need money try to experiment and not to annoy your users with ads. Sell and market only relevant and useful stuff. And you’ll make better than ever before.

Should you think about SEO now?

At this point you will totally understand what useful content is and what you are known for. So you can think about optimization without ruining your own blog. Now you can analyze what’s right and what’s wrong in the SEO.

As you’ve created a lot of useful content which lots of people appreciate. You’ve probably got enough back links. And as you grow ahead you’ll get back links from most reputed websites on the internet. And as quality back links are the real secret behind the SEO you’ll get lots of traffic soon. Think about upgrading your server and making your site more easier to use(Which should be the first step too).

SEO might help you in getting more exposure after you got enough quality back links. But there’s no replacement to the targeted regular audience. The more trust you create in your followers the more chances for you to make money.

And remember each visitor who clicks on the link to your site is in search of useful stuff and not the 500 words long piece of shit. Your each posts acts as a first impression to your new visitors. Don’t let them go. Keep the SEO as the last thing to think about. Keep your content that useful that each visitor should enter his email ID in your subscribers form with a smile on their face (:

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