point 10 doesn’t make sense at all, there is not a perfect size nation encoded in the concept of…

The point in 10 is tough to explain a phrase or two, but it’s important. I’m not making any claim of a perfect size nation. I’m claiming popular moneys can be created faster than unpopular moneys, without suffering devaluation. This means that wealth is transferred from nations with unpopular moneys to nations with popular moneys.

For example, consider the USD vs the Russian ruble. By some estimates there are more $100 bills in Moscow than any other city in the world. By contrast, there are very few rubles in the USA. Al those $100 bills were created in the US, then traded to Russia (directly or indirectly) for real wealth. The wealth may have been in the form of oil, drugs, or mail order brides. In any event, real wealth is being transferred from Russia to the USA because of the popularity of USD vs the Ruble.

This effect is even more pronounced with small countries like Kenya and Peru.

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