Leading social impact — Ahmad Jalal, CEO, The Aman Foundation

With RJ Faizan Basiq on FM 105

Since its inception, The Aman Foundation has been on a journey of transforming the lives of the underserved, with a focus on two services— health and education.

As the Foundation’s CEO, Ahmad Jalal provides insight into the work that The Aman Foundation does in this radio interview, and sheds light on how positive social impact is measured.

When people hear the name Aman Foundation, they instantly think of a peeli (“yellow”)ambulance. Are there any other ventures that Aman works in?

Empowering the youth of Karachi

We follow the ideology that health is essential to a person’s success and well-being. One needs to have a healthy body and mind in order to succeed. To support this objective, Aman has a vocational training institute which helps develop technical and employability skills in young,boys and girls in Karachi.

We have 11 trades at Aman Tech, offering vocational training in fields that industries in Pakistan require skilled workers in; for example Automobile and Mechanical.

Our specialty is that we focus more on practical work than theory as it enables better employability.

We teach these students so they become a source of economic support for their families and communities, as well as support local industry. Vocational training offers a solution to the skills gap and low-cost scalable model of education for Pakistan’s increasing population.

Providing remote healthcare advice to those with limited access to it

There is a constant, dire need for the provision of healthcare advice and counselling among those who cannot afford it or do not have access to it. For this, we have Aman Telehealth.

Beneficiaries can call our helpline, 9123 with a medical problem and one of our medical professionals caters to them, gives them the first response and refer them to the nearest hospital if need be. We have an expansive database of hospitals and medical health providers; referring to a clinic nearby makes it easier for the beneficiary to achieve reliable low-cost healthcare service. Our Telehealth service attends to 500,000+ medical inquiries.

Helping spread awareness about the dignity in mental health

MASHAL is Aman’s way of respecting the dignity of mental health, the same way we do for physical health. We need to make people realize that mental health is not debilitating and can be overcome.

Over and above that, we also counsel families of beneficiaries to help them understand and support the individual with the mental illness. To-date, we have provided counselling for 35,000 beneficiaries and trained close to 800 Mental Health First Aid workers. Through the MHFA workers, MASHAL can greatly leverage its impact and reach deeper into communities.

Enabling children to empower themselves by starting businesses and manage their finances better

At INJAZ Pakistan, we take professionals like you and I as volunteers and train the youth in financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills to help them set-up their own businesses and learn to be self-sufficient as entrepreneurs. There is a business plan competition and the winner competes against the best plans and founders across Middle-East programs of INJAZ.

INJAZ Pakistan has been able to train close to 10,000 students across schools and colleges.

To listen to the full interview and gain more insight into the work that The Aman Foundation does, click here.