Black Lives Matter do not speak for all black people

I want to be clear as i am sick of the media and their way to represent this movement. Black Lives Matter do not represent every black and we don’t have to agree for many reasons.

Of course i agree Black Lives Matter in principle against police brutality. But i can not stand the way liberal media tend to consider black people as an oppressed category.

Let us have a closer look at their manifesto:

  1. Need to restorative justice: I agree the system need to be changed.
  2. Unapologetically black: Same here. You have to be proud of who you are.
  3. Diversity: Same here.
  4. Globalism: Same here. I understand the need of solidarity with other black folks and other people in the world as long BLM understand what happens in the countries they are involved. But it is worth noting that months ago the website explicitly stated its support to the Palestinian cause. Fair enough but what does that have to do with the daily lives of black folks here. How can we dare comparing the situation with Israel and labeled Israel as an apartheid after an one week visit. Israel is the only democratic nation in the region, not perfect for sure but able to put its leader in jail. During the only apartheid in South Africa, black were denied to be a part of the civic life whereas in Israel Arabs can be elected. It is something than amazes to hear Palestinian and Black share the same struggle especially from people who don’t know much. BLM actually removed this from their website. Probably because many of their supporters are liberal Jews.
  5. Transgender and Queer Affirming: I have no issue with the support of these communities but do all Black people really care and really assimilate civil rights with gay rights? Not at all. Let us not forget Black people and Latinos are supposed to be the most conservative community.
  6. Black Women and Black villages: Assuming that 90 to 95% of African American belong to the Christian or Muslim faith i really doubt they adhere to this type of doctrine that totally reject the traditional role of the man. Their commitment to disrupt what they call western values is just a concept that does not resonate with many.

No wonder you notice more non black outspoken to defend BLM that black. It just sounds like a very intellectual movement, the dream from a certain category of the population.

It is very interesting to note that those who claim to be oppressed are actually among the privileged. Professor Melina Abdullah is quite comfortable as professor of Pan African studies at California States University and probably make over $100K and yet she is still able to treat black people like they can not do much. She is among the people that who tell you black people’s live did not improve over the past 50 years omitting she could not get this job 50 years ago.