“Muslim Ban” Hypocrisy and Reality about Muslim Immigration in the USA

I disagree with the way the current administration manages the crisis with the ban but i want to remind that most Muslim nations don’t even accept refugees. The gulf states never really accepted Palestinian back in the past. It is easy to label Trump as racist but how do you feel when leaders from Muslim nations that are supposed to be the most offended that are supposed to boycott actually say they understand approve the ban? This is actually what the leader of one the Gulf nation, Abdullah Bin Zayed declared by saying the ban is not islamophobic.

This is a complicated world with no black and white.

I hear people being dramatic about the reputation of the US in the world. As a foreign born i know i speak for many and we don’t care!! People from all around the world wants to immigrate to the states. There are so many undocumented people from France, Italy, Spain or Brazil leaving in the states and not just from Mexico or China. Funny fact despite the apparent growing hate toward Muslims, Islam has been growing in the USA helped by…Immigration! From Pakistan, Albania, Nigeria and the list goes on people wants a part of the American dream. During the last 15 years over 1000 mosques have been opened every where from Tennessee to Montana, Sacramento to Charleston in South Carolina. A fact that out of touch celebrities can not acknowledge. Let us not forget USA has over 1 million of people with Lebanese blood and over 1 million with Persian/Iranian background. Many politician and business people come from middle eastern countries such as the Nazarian family, founder of Qualcomm or Ralf Nader and Spencer Abraham former senator of Michigan.

America is already great and enriched by its diversity. So sad that many on both sides of the political landscape forgot this!