Why do big and established companies struggle so much with agile work and culture?

The inevitable culture shock

credit: memegenerator.com

So hard to leave the old status entitlement expectations behind…

Fear of the future… the extinction of executive roles

Personal and personality development is key — and those who are hungry and embrace it should be fostered

Agile should not be hampered in the end-to-end chain, or there will be struggles with resource and decision-making sovereignty

Mismatch in output and performance review level — must shift from individual to team level

So what do we take away from this?

  • Top management courage and buy-in — from all board areas!
  • Openness for a thorough organizational re-design — on all levels
  • Culture change — open communication and failure culture
  • Employee empowerment — foster internal talent and hire best-fit candidates



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André Cramer

André Cramer

Tech&Innovation Strategist — Consultant @detecon, formerly strategic partner mgmt @yahoo, productmgmt @tmobile, biz dev/partnering/strategy @deutschetelekom