Talllly — a todo list that keeps score.

We were recently featured on producthunt.com (241 upvotes and counting!) and were asked to share our thoughts on gamification. On the surface, gamification is all about points, leaderboard, and rewards. But when you dig deeper, you discover surprising strategy, motivation, and delight. We’re kicking off a new series of blog posts that will each cover one feature of Talllly and the lessons we learned trying to gamify it.

Keeping score

Instead of stressing over a never-ending counter of work to do, Talllly rewards you with a point for every task you complete. It’s a subtle but motivating change.

More tasks

The best way to get started and keep from getting overwhelmed is to break down your work into smaller, more manageable tasks. It turns out, if you get a point for every task that you complete, that’s exactly what you’ll do. The more you play the game, the more you accomplish.

A little friendly competition never hurt


Now that you have a positive number next to you, you’ll want to increase it. Yea, the numbers don’t really matter but the accountability and visibility they provide do. Having a distilled, visual representation of progress shows the team how well they are doing.

A tasks worth

It’s the done list that’s ultimately most important when being productive. By celebrating completed tasks you give them the attention they deserve. Carefully review progress towards your goals to avoid wasting your most precious limited resource — time.


The difference between 0 and 1 is infinite. The difference moving from 100 to 99 is tiny. Completing 1 task in Talllly pushes you to keep going — that little bit of feedback and recognition get the ball rolling. Early momentum can be all you need to trigger a productive day.

Have fun

Every click, swipe, and tap should be delightful when building a gamified web app. More on this topic in the future. This deserves its own post.

A satisfying click

Open information

Next week, we discuss how status and state can help smooth out collaboration. Follow us on twitter @keeptalllly to play along. For a free trial of Talllly, visit https://talllly.com.

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