A Knight To Remember

So as some are aware and others are not, I simply take a daily or weekly cartoon and describe them out loud, bringing such things into my conscious window of awareness. From that point I can then (if I so wish) make mental connections to other life realms (so to speak). Many of us from a young age are taught to compartmentalise differing aspects of life the Universe & everything, some folks are highly successful in such compartmentalisation eg. How I am at work, How I am at home, How I am at the supermarket, How I am as a supporter of this sport or this player or this team etc. etc.

Very often some folks are highly consistent & congruent throughout all spheres of life, where-as others are not; and I have mostly found through meditation and clearing out of much mental junk & clutter, that many things we think important or hold dear etc. etc. are simply inner confusions and conflicts that most of us are better off without.

So today’s cartoon is another from Martin Rowson, and my title typically differs from that of the Artist and or Guardian Editor. Although references the Picture in its own way as will be seen in the picture and indeed description.

Martin Rowson on The May-Trump Meeting, Guardian 27/01/2017

Over view: Theresa May is reported to have visited President Donald Trump as his 1st International Guest Leader for talks on the UK-US “Special Relationship”, meanwhile he has rapidly begun signing executive orders and continued to upset all and sundry with outspoken or out-of-turn comments, an example of which was his view on Torture and waterboarding. (Aside: as someone who visited Rhyl Sun Centre as a child, on hearing water boarding I would likely have assumed Surfboarding, or even as an adult I might have thought of a Utility Company introduced into my young brain via games such-as Monopoly).

So the last time I wrote out described a similar image to this one we were given the Oval Office and our two leading stars, having seen the previous image, I would now describe this as a zoom or pan out (if I were a director) of the previous image, though that gives a CONTINUITY that people unfamiliar with Martin Rowson’s earlier work or indeed my description do not know, so whilst 2+2 = 4, for many people, in terms of assumption/presumption and it can work in selecting your winning choices for awards (due to continuity / reinforcement bias (eg. Best Singer, Best Album, Best Video) ).

In awareness practice terms always start from Beginners Mind (I know nothing), and describe the story of the image from that perspective/Point of View.

Ceiling: So At the Top of the Image we have a plain white/beige ceiling, with what appears to be indications of semi-circular masonry work, maybe the oval office has a sun roof or has a dome upon it.

Now this is an image of a round-shaped room, so most or many aspects in round rooms blend or merge via perspectives & object sizes. We perhaps have to seek to identify a way of describing such things, and there are many, though I typically try to keep it simple.

Centre Background: Centred At the very back of the Image (middle-third) just below our Ceiling Coving/Cornice masonry, we have 6 Golden Curtain Drapes, beneath the Drapes are indicated 3 Large Framed Windows, however we can only see 1 full window frame with a view (possibly trees, though a bit like an Indian Feather Headpiece in shaded outline), this is to our right of the 3 windows . the other 2 windows are obscured. The Windows are separated by Golden Floor Length curtains, although we assume 6, only 3 or possibly 5 appear visible (assumed via number of windows / drapes).

The Very Centre Window is obscured to our view by a Golden Tower like shape with a capital “T” letter at its crest. In a previous cartoon I described this as a Throne, although in this particular Image it could be a Room Divider (think of those panels that folks are seen in movies, changing clothes behind). If it is a Throne the back of the seat has now grown in height and the T gives it a Detonator Box like Image or indeed a Giant Needle Plunger (Trainspotting 2 out this week?).

In front of this and still at the back, though in front of the Windows, 2 thirds of the image down, we have what appears, to be a brown desk sat centre of the image. On this occasion we have a message panel bar on the desktop that says “E SUCK-UP STARTS HERE”. The left-hand side of our view is obscured although on the right hand side of the desk next to the message we have a Golden Bust (Head & Shoulders) Vladimir Putin.

Left Middle-ground: To the Very left of the mid-ground of the image we have a lightly shaded Beige wall, and also possible an alcove or doorway structure. At the foot of the doorway structure on the brown wooden floor appears to be a brick orange plastic plant pot-with 2 green Venus Flytrap like plants, one appears to be gazing or looking upwards toward the other. (Little Shop of Horrors?). To the right of the doorway we have an obscured Golden Picture Frame on the wall behind a rather large Golden Caesar Bust of Trump in Profile facing rightwards with a Laurel Leaf Crown.

Right Middle-ground: To the very right mid-ground of the image we have another shaded beige non-descript wall. On this wall appears a Golden Picture Frame and I am not quite sure of the image, possibly another portrait in a particular Art Style, though it looks like a backwards red letter C hanging from a Golden V with a golden Wedge hair across the top of the V on an Orange Background.

In front of the Picture though still on the Right mid-ground is a brown sideboard. Upon this sideboard is a Golden Statue of Trump Riding a Horse, front legs kicking up in the air (much like an oversize Knight Chess Piece). The Statue is faced riding away from the Audience toward the desk perhaps. Part of the mini statue image I am unsure of whether it is a hat or part of his hair blowing in the wind though looks like a classical UFO shape.

The Floor/Ocean: So the semi-circular image of the room is underscored by a large deep blue oceanic like carpet that takes up most of the floor space, though gives way to some floor boards at the wall edges. In front of the desk mentioned earlier and perhaps central to the room’s floor is a USA Styled Circular Emblem. What appears to be a Vulture with wings stretched out. Its neck quite long and head & beak appears ducked down toward our visual left. below each wing appears a classical Money Sack or Swag Bag with a Dollar Sign upon each. A Circle of White Star runs around the Vulture & Money Sacks, and around the Stars we have a yellow circle and then a red circle giving way to the larger area blue.

Foreground: In The bottom left hand corner of the image and sat on the blue carpet is a traditional rectangular Scottish tissues (disposable handkerchiefs) box. This box is coloured purple or Violet and labelled “Tissues Of Lies” in silver with a red oval, where the hankies would normally be pulled out, we have instead multiple “EXECUTIVE ORDER” labelled hankies.

The Main Feature Foreground: So taking up much of the Left Hand side of our view of the image we have our upside down Orange Space Hopper shaped (round) Donald Trump with a rather large grinning face and his whiplash blonde pointed billy the quiff hairstyle, he is in a White Shirt, Red Tie, and Black Jacket upper body dress and his lower half orange legs and giant white, yellow stained nappy, with a Nappy Pin. He noted as facing audience bodily though smiling visually glancing rightwards toward his companion. His right hand (to our visual left) touching his jacket whilst his left hand (to our right) tucked by the nappy pin (maybe going for his gun holster). The Red Tie is noted for its excessive length and runs all the way to the floor and to the bottom centre of the image where it whips up into a rattle snake like posture complete with eyes & fork tongue. Interestingly in front of the snake tie is a small object that I have trouble identifying (poor me), given the oceanic floor I decided rightly or wrongly that it is maybe a periscope or deep sea monster like yellow eye or even a sea snake & so on.

To the Far Right Hand Side of the Foreground we have what appears to be a Large Traditional Wooden Packing / Shipping Crate (rather than sideboard). Atop of the Crate can be seen a Greying Bust of Winston Churchill (I think). Written at the base is “Product Of Narnia (Former UK)” unsure as to the other visible words.

Running down at an angle from the Crete to the Oceanic Blue carpet Floor is a Large Wooden Board. Strapped to the Board with 3 dark brown leather straps is Theresa May. Her Leopard Skin Shoed Feet up in the air at the Crate End, and her Head covered by a white towel at the Floor and puddles & moisture are indicated about that region on the floor about the towel and her greying hair. She wearing a black top and red skirt combination. Her urinal block candy necklace also visible about her neckline. She also appears to be indicating a thumbs up with her lower right arm & hand (all else strapped down to the board).

So Images are easier than words, though when working backwards or seeking to reverse engineer, it can be useful (for example) to learn systems, You can find descriptive systems within some Art Books and within some Stage / Theatre type books and I have found especially with cartoons that it can be useful to mix & match a little bit accordingly dependent on artist and image, identify some underlying structures et al. Very often depending on how many REALMS you may wish to go lateral thinking about, you can find that using zonal systems can be better than absolute coordinate systems.

Again and again you often find that you are correct in your thinking or strategy about some topics & subjects & related CLUES, though have failed to identify the appropriate realm (if there happens to be one), leading to frustration, when you could be teaching or explaining how and why the confusions happen or seeking to refine your thinking systems and strategies of Navigation and so on.

All good fun and practice, though obviously always better to do such things for yourself in practical terms. Though as suggested previously — those who have long histories of reporting on World events or indeed catalogued careers, are perhaps better masters to learn various aspects and strategies from than those of us who have struggled.

PS. These kind of write-ups should be considered as first draft, first thoughts rather than heavily edited and formalised etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well :-)