Apprentice Review Part Deux !

This note review summary is based on a second run through of the 1st Official Episode entitled “Collectables” where I made notes throughout the Episode Story.

I can state that I was surprised during my first run through & mentioned that surprise in a recent Tweet. Reason? My early choice candidate to go based on the Episode as I was viewing it was Michelle. Lord Sugar later chose Michelle though both Alana & Rebecca being chosen to enter the Final Boardroom triggered thoughts of 3 Non-blondes, I actually thought once Alana & Rebecca were present & highlighted as being at fault that Lord Sugar may have retained Michelle a little longer. Rebecca’s presence was a surprise having not really seemingly featured during the episode.

So my Episode Notes Give an outline of the theme & format for the show as a whole, that will be likely repeated for XX numbers of broadcasting weeks. & indeed Series Experts may say that the Format has been honed & crafted over the Previous 12 years of the series running.

Introduction & Titles

Some facts stated by a Narrator as to Lord Sugar’s recruitment of an apprentice & why he is regarded as a Business Leader & Expert in the field of Business.

Cut to Bragging successful Show Applicants giving reason as to why they should be his new chosen investment.

Various Lord Sugar quotes that can be expected to be seen utilised throughout this season.

Boardroom / Secretary Call

Candidates arrive & are relieved of the Business Plan’s they are presenting for investment.

Lord Sugar is seen rubbing & twisting his hands as the meet & greet speech is about to be given, unhelpful Jewish References & Parody or Lady McBeth can probably be triggered by such things. Rather than straight forward nerves or use of a hand sanitizer after shaking hands.

Speech is forthright & direct explaining the failure of 1 in 4 entrepreneurial start-ups within 24 months and how he and his chosen investments have bucked that trend through the selection process and hands-on mentoring from Lord Sugar himself and his Business Interests & Team.

The send your complaints to Alan Sugar @ “I Don’t Care” dot com is a reminder of a recently posted article I retweeted from a TED Lecture. The suggestion being that the Function of Story & perhaps therefore Life & Business is to “Make Me Care”.

We are given some EXAMPLE banter between Lord Sugar & a number of candidates, answering some of those Who are you, what do you do & so on & so forth.

18 people into 12 weeks does not efficiently fit unless peoples realise that more than one person may go during any given week of a TASK. PRESSURE!

The First Task Collectables

The Candidates will be split into a Girls Team Versus a Boys Team.

The Girls Team will be accompanied/monitored/witnessed by Claude Littner.

The Boys Team will be accompanied/monitored/witnessed by Lady Karen Brady.

Both long term trusted Business Lieutenants of Lord Sugar, it is they who will report upon events on the ground and return with assessments of the assigned Task and the activity of the candidates & team.

It has at this point already been Stamped in & repeated that Lord Sugar is looking for Business Acumen & a Business Brain (most folks in life & the wider World get wrapped up in personalised subjective versioning’s of reality), even very many men who will categorically claim otherwise, likely have within them, some versioned escape from various fears or toward better life motivations & the thinking strategies & Origins of the incentives, those attributes & values that get most centre focus within our lives etc.

Moving On

Some on the move clips of meet & greet between the team candidates themselves filling in some of the blanks left from earlier boardroom Lord Sugar meet and greet.

We see some brief choosing of Team Names Discussion, and indeed some choosing of first team leaders and sub leaders and it could be suggested that you have those who want to grasp the nettle & those who were wanting to hang-back everyone wanting to perhaps build on there own reason & strategy for being Apprentice candidates and IDENTIFYING “The Lay Of The Landscape” of the other competitors.

In fact or reality whilst you have to work as a team to win, External Fixation (opposition) or Indeed (as we see with Michelle) Internal Fixation can be highly detrimental if you already have a certain level of acumen knowledge awareness & flexibility in how you go about things.

Any individual can only control there own reality & therefore life & many are Frozen by such realisations or on the run from them or indeed seeking to enhance such IDEAS via going with a given herd or group or training and so on.

It is at this point in discussion where Newly appointed Leader Michelle Nailed her own coffin. She gave a price structure of knocking out goods with simple pricing 5, 10, 20 pounds and so on. No thought to Lord Sugar telling them that some higher priced valuables could be found among the assortment of garage lock-up wares, had she included higher 100, 200 type pricing, things may have turned out differently. Having only seen edited highlights I am sure that the producers want to keep it real or as factual as the events occurred.

Later on we also saw Michelle “go with her gut” in market selection despite protests from the team as to going where recommended. So not trusting external experts potentially cost her, though of course when in a group scenario with vying competitors & being out of your own comfort zone, the early stages of such competition are going to be more fraught or unsettling/unnerving. Whilst not necessarily trusting the MOTIVE of other candidates, external Experts who have zero investment in your success or failure can be a sensible gauge to pay attention too.

So the main central part of the episode “compared” differing element groups via switching from team & sub-team to girl team and boy team and indeed the TIME ISSUE of “Beating The Clock” and the “Having a fire sale” issue, You may not require beating the clock /having a fire sale, if you are setting up stall throughout a normal working day during the morning or afternoon, though come evening time is perhaps at least in many 9–5 cultures the time to start cutting pricing and getting any profit for your stock.

So on my 1st run through I misheard the Final Boardroom assessment of how much the teams made in PROFIT & thought the boys made it & were lucky by the skin of there teeth, LUCKY, my 2nd run through making notes, showed my own floored thinking, they having actually made several hundred pounds difference & not as I misheard /presumed only a few pounds. The taking notes really can make all the difference because it is more interactive and helps your own brain functioning & precision & accuracy (attention to detail), as well as something to reference in decision making, if your short term memory lets you down as easily as some long held memory can.

So I thought it an excellent introductory episode and I do think some potentially high calibre candidates are present, if they learn as they go, not only from The Experts though each other, though historically (my viewing of last season) very many do not learn and really do become overly fixated on EXTERNALS.

It could be said that Michelle’s departure was due to an over focus on her own skill & INTERNAL World Focus though in reality a healthy inner & outer World are likely to see some candidates NAVIGATING the show better than others.

So my advise to anyone watching, is to take & make NOTES whilst watching, prior to rushing to likes / dislikes of candidates, you may be surprised at just how many things become obvious as truth & lies and some of those murkier areas such as truth honesty & integrity.

Houses of Cards can be effortlessly dismantled by those involved with the Show, not only those of the Candidates though also the Audience & Viewers.

Yes my notes are highly detailed and run to far, far, longer than this relatively brief write-up. I also of course like to carry out what I like to call Cross Realm Interpretation.

That is where thoughts feelings actions TRIGGERED in some fashion by viewing such a show as the Apprentice, can lead to ah-ha’s in other areas and aspects of life.

Anyway I have tried to stay on subject as I am known to ramble and go all over the place with triggers and ideas and following chains and threads of thought, so will leave this one here.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ;-)