Follow The Paper Trail

So once again another weekend is upon us and the “News Week” has typically been full of the usual suspects, and I once again return to another Cartoon description exercise.

Martin Rowson on the EU Summit In Malta, Guardian 03/02/2017

The Story So Far….

So this week has seen New American President continue to keep attention focussed upon himself with his own populace and with the International Community, with the introduction of a ban on visitors (to the USA) from 7 other Nations.

Meanwhile the UK Parliament has returned to having Brexit under the spotlight with a day of speeches and a vote; followed by a day of a white paper being brought forward for everyone’s scrutiny.

At the end of the week the PM has made a visit to Malta for another EU Summit.

Title: Supporting Nutto (Nato with a crossed out and ut substituted)

Overview: A woman, bag in hand, knocks upon the door of a Mediterranean House, not apparently noticing a note pinned to the door with a message. A couple of hidden faces also appear through a nearby window. In the Background we can see another distant section of the Island’s rooftops and the waters of the Mediterranean. Not far away appears to be a plumber ascending a nearby set of steps toward her location, toolbox in hand. We can also note that she appears to have a leaky bag and has left something of a “paper trail” in her wake.

Left Side: The left hand side of the image can be broken down into four quarters, the top 2 quarters are panoramic clear blue Mediterranean skyline, the third quarter showing distant Mediterranean coastal waters (left) and some distant rooftops and coastal scenery (right) separating sea & horizon. The final lower Quarter is all foreground in appearance. A white man with moustache (not Mario) in black cap & blue denim overall dungaree’s with a yellow shirt noticeable for a red pattern (colours of Kingdom of Sicily). The man appears to ascend a staircase from left to right toward us, a screwdriver in right hand (to our left view) and a rectangular workman’s red tool box in his right hand (to our right view). The staircase is outdoors and classical sandstone in look.

Right Side: The right side of the image is all foreground, It also appears to be a Mediterranean styled & coloured building, a brown wooden door at the left of the image and a sandstone surround. To the Far Right of our view is a Framed Window with four panels and what appears to be at least 2 white faces discretely hiding from view (possibly) one pulling back the curtain.

Front & Centre: At the Centre Foreground of the image is what appears to be Theresa May in the guise of previously seen (as drawn by Martin Rowson) Donald Trump, or vice-versa, her face his hair, his rotund body and tan now combined with her face and thin legs & arms. What is perhaps most noticeable is the size of her closed right fist around a poundstretcher shopping bag. she tapping the door with her left hand knuckle close to a Sign “EU Summit, Back in 5 minutes”.

Her bag is also noticeable as having left a paper or note trail in her wake and with some squinting or indeed reduction of size an alternative image appears (perhaps a little child or angel (I thought)).

What else is noticeable? Well for myself there is the long red tie (drawn by Martin Rowson for Donald Trump). The combination appears to have morphed the tie urinal block necklace, giving the appearance of poppies or indeed Rosemary Beads, if we consider the story of the week from Vatican and Pope dispute with nights of Malta etc.

So a week or 2 from Valentines Day and this event took place in Valletta. We can also consider the link to Boxing Matches on Saturday Night, multiple references.

The Plumber reminds of the news that Nintendo Wii U production stopped.

So Having only really carried out this activity since joining Guardian online back in October, I think there is a great subtlety within these daily’s from Martin and indeed other cartoonists that many fail to see or zoom in upon. The more Story’s and-or life realms you can practice linking such imagery too the easier (hopefully) the activity becomes. Not only in seeing that the World really is like one gigantic Ecosystem and that we have choice & options as to our interpretations of events & the meanings we give them, though also in understanding that communication whether through art or language signs & symbols are all shapes & forms of building blocks, and if we can practice some Universal Translation of such building blocks we may be better equipped for Navigation in Life the Universe & Everything, understanding that measures & scales of time are just that, and we can step back and consider that real reality at any given moment within our lives is NOW, so our histories and what we have LEARNT are all made up of building blocks and we can become better centred in now rather than a historical past or projected future that do not exist beyond thought processes that often act to pull us out of the now zone (so to speak).

Anyway this write up is often for my own practice though I share it as someone somewhere may find bits here and there interesting or useful in there own life narratives etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well :-)


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