Are you…?

To be frankly, I don’t speak english very well, in fact, I don’t speak english at all. This blog at medium is just a way to put in practice all the things I need to say. I’m a character, and I’m a angry dog character.

I’m not here to be correct (except in writing in english, that’s my goal), I’m not here to be happy or friendly. I’m here to be a reflection of what I want to be: An idea, and a solution, a strong human being capable of defend his/her ideas..

I’m a frustrated and desperate graphic designer, and artist and so. I will use this to say something and to say all, maybe sometimes (a majority of time) it will not make any sense to you. I don’t care, I write just because a I can, and will write while I can.

Sorry if an idea offend you, I can’t carry your feelings. You will have to make it, just think of me as a really frustrated and angry people at one point of the earth you probably never get to know. I’m not going to meet you, either. Probably never, or probably I do. Who knows?

So, then… Nice to meet you, now that you find me.

I’m Coco.

— Coco