Let’s talk about recent events, mental health, and self preservation for a minute.

It’s easy to put up a front for social media, but many of us are not okay. I myself am pretty fucking far from okay. That said, recent events (more police shootings) aren’t helping the situation. It’s driving us further away from okay.

In order to protect ourselves, we have to stay away from these things. The videos, the pictures, all of it is triggering. That’s why a lot of us mute hashtags of names of the dead, why we refuse to reblog/retweet videos of deaths, refuse to speak about it. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s we care too much. We care so much it has an extremely negative effect on our mental health.

Our mental health is important too. We have to be able to function in our day to day lives. In order to do that, we have to cut back on the horrible shit. So when we’re quiet, don’t assume we don’t give a shit. If you need to take a break to save your sanity, DO IT. Your mental health is important. You matter. Take care of yourselves.

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