Story Snippet Number 2

A Conversation

“Why so grumpy Titi?” Alicia said, seemingly materializing right beside Tierra. The first few times she did that, Alicia succeeded in scaring the hell out of her. She’d done it so many times that now Tierra could sometimes hear her coming.

“Didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m hoping coffee will make me feel human again.”

“Aw, what happened? Bad dream?” Alicia hopped up on the counter and grabbed an apple out of a nearby bowl.

“Not a bad dream per se,” Tierra said staring into her now half empty mug. “It was a dream. A very distracting dream.”

“Ooooh! Were you dreaming about your boyfriend Jeff?”

“He is not my boyfriend!” Tierra said very quickly. “He’s your boyfriend.”

“While that’s true, you also know he could be your boyfriend too, and that’s why you’re blushing!” Alicia said as she smiled and bit into her apple.

“I hate you Alicia.”

“Love you too Titi!” Alicia began to laugh and Tierra couldn’t help but smile herself. The front door swished open and both women looked up as Jeff walked into the café.

“What did I miss?” Jeff said as he plucked an orange out of the bowl and stood on the other side of Tierra. The temperature in the room seemed to go up ten degrees and she blushed even deeper. This caused Alicia to laugh harder.

“Speak a word Alicia and you can go to that party by yourself.” Tierra said trying her hardest to keep a straight face.

“You secret is safe with me!” Alicia hopped off the counter, still giggling to herself, and started to walk back to the backroom. She got to the door before turning around to look at Tierra and Jeff. “Oh Tierra! Do you need an outfit for tonight?”

“No, I have something. I’ll be ready.” With that, Alicia turned back and went into the back office. Tierra took a seat at one of the nearby tables, still nursing a half empty cup of coffee.

“Outfit?” Jeff asked, throwing away the last bit of the orange peel.

“Yeah, in order to get the rest of the funding we need to keep the café open, we have to go to a party and schmooze. Should be a lot of fun.”

“You’ve done this type of thing before?” Jeff took the seat across from her and began eating his orange.

“Here and there. Mostly before I left the military. There were always balls I had to attend. I always liked it. It gave me opportunities to dress up and pretend to be rich for a night.” She said with a small laugh.

“You planning on dressing up for this?”

“Yep,” said Tierra grabbing one of his orange slices. “I have the perfect outfit in mind.”

“Oh really,” Jeff said quirking an eyebrow. “Can I take a look?”

“Nope. You’ll have to wait to see when I leave for the party.” Tierra popped the orange slice in her mouth and rose to put her cup away. “Speaking of the party, I need to go get ready.”

“Now? I thought it wasn’t until tonight?”

“It is. It’s gonna take a while to get my hair done though. Can’t have anyone recognizing me.”

“You’re a very recognizable woman. It’s gonna take more than a new hairdo for people to not know who you are.” Jeff said with a small smile.

“You’d be surprised what wonders a new hairdo and some makeup could accomplish.” Tierra said, smiling, as she walked towards the door.

“You sure you don’t need me to take off and come with you?”

“We’ll be fine Jeff but thanks for asking.” Tierra went out the door and left for her apartment.

Another little snippet from my story. I liked it so much I had to share it. If you like this, you can see more from the story and some different fiction when you become a patron.

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