I don’t remember choosing to be gay…

“[…] We want to make sure that all people, regardless of their lifestyle choices, are accepted.”

I wasn’t quite sure I had heard Mr X, the Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission of one of Asia’s leading cities, correctly when he made this comment to the audience last week at an LGBT-themed event.

It wasn’t until after the event, when I was leaving and another attendee asked me “did you hear what he said about choosing to be gay?” that I realised my hearing was in fact intact.

I do not remember “choosing” to be gay, and I don’t know any other gay people who made that choice either. Being gay is not a “lifestyle choice”: it is something that is innate, something that we are born with, although some of only embrace it at a later point in our lives and some remain closeted forever. But at no point do we “choose” to be gay: do heterosexuals “choose” to be attracted to other heterosexuals of the opposite gender?

To hear such a grossly misinformed comment come from any EOC member (especially from an EOC Chairperson), is testament to how much work still needs to be done on the D&I front.

The Angry Lawyer