I am an abolitionist.

I care, you care, we all care for animals.

I appreciate small steps. We all learned to walk with baby steps. Slow progress is progress.

Most non-human animals are sentient, which means that they are able to feel pain and pleasure and are aware of their existence. Because of this, they can suffer.

It means that it’s best for them, for each of them to suffer less. Can we, as a society, continue to ignore animals? We ignore them when we think that since they’re not human, what happens to them isn’t so important. We ignore them every time we decide that a small moment of satisfaction for us is worth having animals suffer and die. We ignore them when we look the other way, or rather, think the other way and quickly dismiss and brush aside concerns for animals simply because they don’t belong to our species.

We should not be prepared to have an animal go through anything that we would not wish on a companion animal.

Of course, animals suffer in the wild and of course there is no reason for us to ignore this. We should do what we can to help them as well so long as it doesn’t create more suffering.

The way we treat animals because we consider them a commodity and because we avoid seeing them as individuals must be examined. The sheer number of casualties demands it.

Because we do not need meat or animal products in our diet and since we can have mouth watering meals without exploiting and systematically killing animals, I say we must consider an animal friendly diet.

I am an abolitionist.

I promote and welcome every step forward. Every effort counts and makes a difference. You may be a reducetarian (eating less meat, especially less poultry), a vegetarian or a vegan. You may sign petitions and vote for better laws for the animals. We can achieve progress in the short term, including slightly better lives, fewer animals raised to be slaughtered, and less suffering in the process.

Consider the treatment of animals in industrial agriculture. Consider donating to an animal charity.

I am an abolitionist because I am in favour of the abolition of “meat”. I am in favour of the shutting down of all slaughterhouses. I want society to change towards more equality and a better consideration of sentient animals as individuals. Even if animal agriculture always used anaesthesia when performing painful operations and when killing animals, even if all animals were raised in the fresh open air, grazing away, I would still be opposed to eating animals.

It will not happen overnight. It will take many steps in the right direction. Progress will lead to more progress. Alternatives to unethical animal use in every part of life will be explored, researched and will progressively and effectively allow us to live without inflicting misery on our fellow sentient earthlings.

I am an abolitionist because I understand that such an ambitious project requires a significantly different attitude towards animals. As long as it seems acceptable to breed them so we can benefit from killing them, as long as we believe we can treat some animals in a way we would not treat a companion, progress will remain dramatically slow.

A sentient animal should not be treated as a commodity. We should not kill animals for our pleasure.

I am an abolitionist and as such, I encourage people around me to consider animals and rethink the way we are taught to disregard their interests.