It’s more than a fad

by Natasha

I have noticed a proliferation of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Melbourne, and other parts of Australia that I have travelled to recently. It is possible that this is yet another food fad, encompassing various types of plant-based food preparation i.e. raw, Chinese vegetarian, health drinks etc, However, generally food fads come and go, they do not grow and expand over a long period. Rather, I think this is the dawning of a new era where the collective consciousness of western societies is starting to question whether eating animals is still morally justifiable. Just as slavery, sexism and racism have all become unacceptable in this age, I see that the concept of questioning factory farming and animal suffering purely for our dining pleasure, is gaining some traction. Other arguments for plant-based diets, such as the environmental impacts, add further weight to this school of thought. The development of lab-generated meat, while currently not commercially feasible, demonstrates that there is a potential economic gain to be made from alternatives that are ethically acceptable. It seems that we are in the midst of a substantial thinking shift that could in all likelihood change the way future generations eat.

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