Let it go!

How one’s outlook changes when we consider animals.

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight.

I am always surprised when I see that there are still folks who believe that animals don’t matter. That animals just follow their instinct and that’s it. That sentient animals aren’t sentient. That showing a picture of an animal is an appeal to emotion.

Imagine someone letting go of their racist perspective or learning to let go of their misogynistic upbringing. They can have a look at society and see people for who they are. They no longer see others through the prism of their bigotry.

Something similar happens when you let go of your speciesist blinkers. When you understand that using animals as commodities is not rational in the same way that human slavery is not rational.

What about you? Have you found that you started looking at individual animals differently when you stopped seeing them as food or commodity? How has your outlook on society changed?

And when it comes to animal advocacy, we can look at the animals and examine the suffering and we can also focus on ourselves and how much we benefit from caring about animals, or as some would say, being aware of our human privilege.

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