Ok then, Francione

The F-word of animal advocacy

I believe that Francione is the worst thing to have happened to the animal rights movement.

Sure, some of his points (about animals as commodities) are valid, pertinent and interesting, but others have made them too, and before him as well. What’s special about him is that he only accepts his own one approach as THE valid one and condemns all others. When people from the animal ag business hear of him, they can’t help but love his work as he is so divisive and counter-productive. They know they can have a long life of prosperity while the animal rights movement limits itself to demanding all or nothing.

His various accusations against every other vegan / animal rights / animal welfare organisations are mind boggling and denote a mind that cares not for its audience or for the delivery of an important message. Saying that non-Francionist organisations are responsible for the rise in the consumption of meat is incredible. Clearly, these organisations are responsible for steps forward, valuable reforms, for more vegetarians and vegans, for meat reducers, for popularising the topic of animal matters, etc.

An accusation I have read is that animal welfare organisations have been around for a very long time and animals are still exploited. Well, 1/ abolitionists have been around for a very long time and there are more slaves in the world now than there’s ever been throughout history. Is it the abolitionists fault? Of course not! 2/ Animal welfare organisations have not been around for very long at all. The interest in animal welfare has only grown so much very recently. 3/ Animal Welfare groups have contributed to crucial reforms, making the conditions of animals less horrible. It takes a special kind of person to say that the conditions must stay as horrible as possible until humanity goes vegan.

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I also believe that you need *both* abolitionist approaches and welfare approaches operating at the same time in society to maximise change for animals (animals suffering now and animals who would suffer in the future). I care about animals, I take their interests into account, therefore I am a partisan of the abolition of meat, of shutting down all slaughterhouses, of fighting for a world where animals are never again seen as commodities.

I am 100% an abolitionist. I take part in demonstrations for reforms, I sign petitions against various forms of animal abuse, I leaflet against Live Export and against Factory Farming, I talk to people about vegetarianism, about veganism, about eating less meat, especially no chicken. I am a member of Think Kind, a wonderful initiative promoting humane education at schools. I encourage people to think about animals, to open their eyes and their hearts and change and I also aim at changing the laws and the industry regulations.

What in my opinion is NOT NEEDED is an approach that not only limits itself to an all or nothing stance but also pretends that accepting steps forward is counter-productive.

I admire the great work of Vegan Outreach promoting veganism. I admire the work of Animal Liberation South Australia and I wholeheartedly applaud and support the awesome approach of Animals Australia.

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