What vegan food looks like

Let our animal friendly food surprise you!

“It doesn’t even look vegan!”, “this is not how I imagined vegan food” are two comments I come across from time to time so I asked the good folks of Friendly and Pragmatic Vegans and Vegetarians to show what their food looks like. I got hundreds of replies. Here is a selection. Enjoy! (Please note that the idea was not to provide recipes but to take a visual tour of the world of yummy vegan food!)

Kelly Renee’s Lord Of The Fries Poutine / Baked Potato.
Bee Dalton’s salad and sushi.
Bee Dalton’s tacos, and vegan version of Irish nachos. Made the cheese out of cashews and nutritional yeast. Topped it with soyrizo and guacamole.
Bee Dalton’s soup, fried egplant, and pasta dish.
Bee Dalton’s dishes.
Bee Dalton’s mouth watering dishes, and a Mediterranean assortment when going out.
Emma Henry’s Aquafaba Omelette (no egg was used!).
Angelina Oaxley’s Millet Porridge.
Paulene Thorne’s Cottage Pie and Scrambled Tofu.
Nicolas Bureau’s Lentils, rice and steamed broccoli / fried tofu, vegetable dumplings and greens, bento-style / caesar salad.
Nicolas Bureau’s Kebab / Gnocchi soup with pesto, cauliflower, beans and spinach / Pineapple, apple and peanut butter crumble.
Aurelie’s French “legume” burger / Peas, tomato, curry and vegan homemade chorizo in muffins / Agar pearls (soy sauce/peas/beetroot), soy cream with seaweed and dill, buckwheat blinis.
Helen Dann’s Choc-Chip Blondies, Olive Gramain’s liquid meal ;) and Toby Vacher’s awesome salad.
Shannon Cuoco’s Crispy Baked cauliflower buffalo bites / Italian grinder with shaved Portobello mushrooms, au jus, and sweet potato fries.
Shannon Cuoco’s Tofish n Chips / Cauliflower chick’n and waffles with coconut creme fraiche.
Shannon Cuoco’s Summer rolls with gingered tofu, rice noodles, veggies, and spicy peanut sauce / Vanilla coconut chia seed parfait with mango and blueberry / Ooey gooey Mac and vegan cheese!
Shannon Cuoco’s Stuffed cabbage rolls / Penelope Pepe Marshall’s sushi burger ( ice ‘bun’ with teriyaki chickn, kale, slaw, mayo and avocado).
Monique Cummings’s Mushroom stuffed dumplings / Kendall Imogene’s Teriyaki udon / Mika Hāmm’s Thai curry with tofu, snow peas, bell peppers, sweet potato, onion, carrots, served over rice or quinoa.
Leonie Sinclair’s French onion soup / Faye Michael’s photo of Southern fried ‘chicken’ and buttermilk waffles from Smith & Daughters in Melbourne (a 100% vegan restaurant).
Leonie Sinclair’s Raw Mango Almond based Cheesecake / Sara Lake’s veganised ‘snickery bar’.
Lucy Buxton’s Avocado chocolate mousse / Faye Michael’s photo of Jam donuts from Smith & Daughters in Melbourne.

Hope you enjoyed this display! I’m hungry now!! Part 2 coming up soon.
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