Where are you standing right now?

A look at the news.

“We could soon see bacteria that are resistant to every known type of antibiotic, and these genes have already been found in bacteria infecting people. […] In 2012, the World Health Organisation classified colistin, the most widely used polymyxin, as being critically important for human health. But that didn’t stop farmers around the world, especially in China, from using large quantities of colistin to fatten up pigs and chickens.”:

Animal agriculture has now placed everyone in a dangerous position, despite warnings and regulations.

“If we want to reduce our impacts this century, this paper concludes, it is consumption we must address. Population growth is outpaced by the growth in our consumption of almost all resources. There is enough to meet everyone’s need, even in a world of 10 billion people. There is not enough to meet everyone’s greed, even in a world of 2 billion people.”:

I was raised eating meat. It has been a part of my culture. A friend of mine went vegetarian and I thought he was misled. In fact, as I valued what he had to say on other matters, I was rather disappointed that he could be so naive and illogical and that he would follow something so pointless. I was under the impression that we were supposed to eat meat, and definitely animal products. Well, we’re not. I talked to my friend, thinking I could get him to snap out of it. To my surprise, there was a lot more to it and I slowly but surely became aware of what happens to sentient animals just because I continue to eat them. This was some 25 years ago.

I have been veg for 24 years and lived in France, Germany, England, Djibouti (East Africa), Australia and Jordan. I’m a school teacher and a translator, I have 7 year old twin daughters and I have a fairly active social and cultural life as well. I don’t like to follow fads and I like to believe that I weigh the pros and the cons before I make a commitment.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what cultural background you come from and who you vote for — the animals will benefit if you stop eating them and you will stop condoning habits that have been ruining our health as well as our environment. And yes, your own personal health can benefit greatly from a veg diet. Yes you can raise children, practise high performance sports, have a social life and know you’re making better choices for yourself and for others.

Take a first step now! Look into animal friendly options and think of the animals next time you’re out grocery shopping, next time you’re at a take away shop or a restaurant and next time you’re having a social meal.

Where I live, in Australia, Animals Australia is suggesting we all have a kinder Christmas. It’s an excellent opportunity to get things rolling:

Thank you!

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