BREAKING! Brussels decides to rename ‘Miniring’ to ‘Touring’

(from left to right) Alderwoman Ampe, Touring Spokes Smagghe & Mayor Mayeur.

Rumours went around for a while but now it’s official: apart from the ‘big’ and the ‘small’ Ring, Brussels has finally conceived a third one.

After successful collaborations with enterprises like Clearchannel, the city of Brussels decided to attract another great name in the corporate world. “I was never really convinced about the name Miniring’’, says Mayor Mayeur. “That’s why I am happy that we have finally taken the decision to change it to Touring. This is city marketing pur sang, linking Touring’s cause to our city is pretty brilliant I must say!”

This is city marketing pur sang

In a short statement Danny Smagghe, Touring’s spokesperson, declared: “We could not resist to help our good friends, this was an offer we couldn’t refuse!”

Els Ampe, Alderwoman of Immobility, was so happy that she dressed up as Gendarme to make this moment even more festive.