Asking for Upvotes on ProductHunt: How to Get Bumped From the Daily Top 5
Ross Currie

Ross — thanks for taking the time to provide your opinion about an app where I’m part of the team. Product Hunt is an essential website with a genuine community of hard working entrepreneurs. It’s good to see defenders of Product Hunt (like you) to keep it real and genuine for all of us. It’s worth clarifying that this wasn’t a launch. The app has been around for several months and it already has a strong following. It just happened to have a day on Product Hunt, but it wasn’t really a launch pad. It’s satisfying to know that Product Hunt moderators have approved the use of live events to engage with the community during a day on Product Hunt. In fact, @rrhoover himself just announced Product Hunt Live Video. I’d like to think he watched a live event that I’ve done whilst on Product Hunt to get the idea for PH Live Video, but I guess that’s wishful thinking. :-) Readers of this reply are welcome to listen to the events; either in summary on the podcast I create called The App Guy Podcast Episode 362.5 (Bonus Episode) : Apple’s Podcasting App : Or My website : or the individual events on YouTube.

As someone who’s benefited from having podcasts and apps on Product Hunt, it’s in my interest to see the site continue to grow and, hopefully, take over the world to become a Billion Dollar company. I’d be happy to chat personally with anyone who reads this, listens to my episode and still wants further clarification or guidance on Product Hunt. email me or twitter @paul_s_kemp

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