Take a Moment to Tell Someone You Appreciate Them

Recently I decided to write down three things I appreciate every morning upon waking. The idea was that in doing so I’d start to appreciate things in life that are normally taken for granted. On the first morning, my cousin featured on my list. Understandable; we grew up together. I was his best man. I’m an unofficial uncle to his child… We should have been brothers.

Despite it having always been a given that Craig and I are inseparable, I had never really thought about the reasons why. After featuring on that list the very first day, I took some time out to consider why Craig is someone that has always been a key individual in my life and why I’ve taken that for granted. Reflection is a powerful thing and after a few minutes of contemplation I had to share some of the sentiment that was lifting my early morning mood so I sent the following message:

Nothing could have prepared me for how big an impact my simple message would have on him that morning. I could never have imagined the elation that would hit me upon receiving his response. This incredible mix set something in motion: each morning from then I would tell someone in my life why I they are important to me.

My life, relationships, and perception changed dramatically over the following months: I am happier than I’ve ever been and this new energy has brought with it many new opportunities. My relationship with those closest to me is stronger than ever. The way I see the world has changed.

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