Confessions of a fuckboy

First of all i am gonna start of by saying i live in scandinavia, so i apologize if my English has some flaws. I am 25 years old and here to tell my story as a young insecure teenage boy who has sex for the first time with his girlfriend at that time and how he gradually starts cheating, having several girlfriends and try to manipulate them at all cost. Hence the term fuckboy.
Fuckboy is the term that fits best, some would call it a player or manwhore, but those term are a bit inaccurate. A fuckboy is someone who treats women with little respect according to normal christian morals, but also heavily depends on them. I a girl dumped me, i found a new within a week, i hated being alone, but still Iwould try fuck her best friend the next day..

This blog will be like a diary and follow the events chronologicaly.
The events will be as they happened, but also with some of my thought on them now from the perspective of a young man.

Some of the stories will be provoking, funny and interesting. Some will probably wiew it as one of those really excaggerated high school drama movies and thats honestly how it was.
Sex sells, i liked reading about it when i was 15, i like reading about it now when i am 25. So i am hoping a few people will find this interesting as it progresses!
If you already read this intro page i really hope you would take the time to read some of my short stories and i would love feedback, for all i known i am a terrible writer until something else is proven!

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