My first time

October 2005 Ina
The prologue

Its mid october 2005, its my first year in middleschool. I am 13 years old, going through my emo phase with black hair, black clothes and a hint of black eyeliner. I am from a small town where the community “emos or metal freaks” cant have been more than 50 people. I didnt really fit in and got bullied a bit, something i understand perfectly since a guy with eyeliner might be a bit wierd for some. During a school trip a met a older girl with blood red hair, nose piercing, skinny and really cute. we startet dating and have been together for 3 months now in october. We had talked for some time on skype about finaly doing it, so she came over one friday evening and we watched a couple of movies while making out. I am seriously can you rember being teenager, you could easily amke out for hours until ur lips got dry! Anyway she finaly said those magic words i had been waiting for “okay lets do it”.
I grabbed a condom that had been lying in my wallet for a year or two just waiting.

Well,where to start… I had totaly watched too much porn, which was good cause then i totaly knew what to do! In the movies u always saw a guy going done on the girl first so she got wild with lust. What he was licking at? I had no clue i was 13, so i figured it must be the same place the rest of the action happens, i quickly realized my tongue was way too short to fit inside that hole and it felt like my jaw was gonna break. After some minutes of terrible oral sex, she was wet! Indirectly offcourse, my spit was all over her so i guess she was ready! The sex itself was that really akward missionary where i asked here constantly “is this good? is this better? am i good?”. It was a relief when my mother knocked on the door and said it was dinner, so this akward moment could be over.

We went upstairs to get something to eat while laughing about we had to wash our hands cause we had just been so dirty.
Everyone always talks about thats when u become a man, after u have sex.
Well i didnt feel much different, not before the next day of school.
Its monday morning and like in any school, fucking everyone knew already.
At first i was really shy, until all those “cool” guys came to give me high fives, i felt like a superstar, everyone came over to talk to me about it! I was the first in my grade and one of the first in the school..

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