Adele & Drake’s viral formula

Last week started with Drake’s new video taking over the Internet with the rapper’s cha cha cha dance. It ended with Adele’s new video and song, “Hello”, and its obvious association to Leonel Richie’s hit. “So E A S Y”, I thought. Yeah, it seems easy. Like it seemed easy to Messi when he did this to Boateng in one of the most memorable moment/gif/meme of the year. In some way, Messi’s moment was innocent, Drake’s and Adele’s videos/songs were not.

It all started 8 years ago, with “In Rainbows”: pay whatever you want for the new Radiohead LP. It was shocking, it was massive, it was brilliant. They made more money and reached more people than ever. In 2007, the Internet was already huge, but Social Media was in its early days. With “Suburbs”, Arcade Fire took it to a whole new level and then guys like Odd Future, Kanye West, OK Go, even Jack White and a lot of hip hop acts took advantage with some good results.

Here’s the thing: Messi’s gif was an accident, Rebeca Black and PSY were accidents. Drake’s and Adele’s are not.

The way I see it, new music from major label artists will explore more and more this kind of strategies and try to take over the Internet. Yeah, that viral formula that you’re trying to find since the beginning.

But don’t get me wrong: you’re not Drake nor Adele. Probably, nobody gives a damn about your “viral stuff”.

P.S.: I know there’s an article about Drake’s gift to make an impression on the Internet, but this is a whole different thing.

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