The beginning of something new

I actually thought it would be time to start a blog about my favourite football club. Arsenal FC. Well, it’s not only about this special club, it’s also about sports in generally. But why? Because I wanted to share my thoughts with thousands of other Arsenal/Sport-Fans around the world. As I am on Twitter for years I saw/read the potential about this (very) big community. Somethimes it’s just more than a community. It’s a family.

If I have to be honest, I’m not only in love with the club. I am one of these people who are fascinated, no I meant who are IN LOVE with the beautiful city of london. As I am a fan of the british monarchy as well, I took HRH the Queen as my profile picture. Plus: with an Arsenal shirt. It is said, that she is one of us: a Gunner.

So I’m hoping that this new experience lasts long and that I can share my thoughts with you, my fellow gunners.

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