Why Benzema?

We all know the rumors.. it’s like the same rumor every season. But since the costs of the stadium are paid, we are able to spend more money on key players. And we should be realistic.. we need those key players! Yes, we’ve got an excellent squad with some rising stars. Coquelin and Bellerin are 2 of them. But, in my opinion a new center forward would be good.

Giroud had a great comeback after his injury and helped us a lot but it’s time to go a little further. Other teams are getting stronger with new signings and it’s time for us to go for the premiere league title. A good way would be the signing of Benzema. Yes, of course I should be realistic but you never know what’s going on in the head of Arsene Wenger. Just imagine Alexis left, Benzema in the middle and Walcott right.. what a dream it would be.

Here are stats of Benzema and our CF’s

In my opinion Benzema is an excellent center forward right now.. and if Real Madrid sign someone like Aguero, then Benz would be Nr. 2 I guess.

Giroud scored 14 goales and Benzema 15 in La Liga this season… and now imagine what these 2 would score together!

How realistic is a signing of Benzema? I would say 50%.

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