Candle Safety Tips That You Might Want to Consider

I’ve been working as a brand ambassador for Citrus Magic since the beginning of August, 2017. One of the products they sell is candles. They smell amazing, and they burn for hours. As a result of how long they burn however, I started thinking about candle safety tips that people should consider when they are burning Citrus Magic candles, or any candles for that matter.

Most candle related fire accidents can be prevented by following some simple safety tips!

With anything that burns, you need to play it safe! According to the National Candle Association, “Nearly 10,000 residential fires are caused each year by the careless or inappropriate use of candles.” And, most of these candle related fires start in the bedrooms, more than any other room in the house. The National Candle Association also said that 85% of candle related fire accidents can be prevented by following some simple safety tips!

Candle Safety Tips for Burning Your Citrus Magic (or any) Candles

1. Using good quality candle holders.

When you’re using a candle that does need a holder, you need a holder that will prevent the candle from falling down or turning over which can cause a fire. A good quality candle holder should be fire resistant, and prevent spillage of candle wax.

2. Avoid leaving a candle unattended.

Leaving a candle unattended is asking for trouble because freak accidents can happen at any time. You want to be able to catch it quickly should anything go wrong!

3. Keep the candle away from flammable items and substances.

Think papers, loose clothing, hair and curtains. You also don’t want to keep your candles near things like hairspray or nail polish remover as the heat from the candle could cause combustion in the containers. In short, candles should be placed in open areas far from flammable things.

4. Place the candle on a stable surface.

You don’t want to put a candle on something wobbly like an uneven table or the edge of a table/shelf. It’s also a bad idea to place a candle under furniture or in a shelving unit as the heat can “cook” what’s above and cause it to ignite.

5. Keeping away candles from the reach of children and pets.

Pets and children can tip over candles and/or might think they are play things if they are in reach. Avoid the potential accidents by simply keeping them away from all the babies — furbabies and human ones!

6. Properly dispose of your candles after use.

Avoid throwing away a candle right after use. Even if the wick is gone and it’s just hot wax leftover. You’ll want to let it cool completely before you throw it away.

7. Blow out any candles before going to sleep.

As stated earlier most candle fires do start in the bedrooms, so putting out the candle before sleeping reduces the chance of candle related accidents.

By implementing the above tips safety measures, candle related accidents can be drastically reduced. Other fire safety measures such as ensuring smoke detectors are working properly should also be considered when a candle is in use to help in detection of fire before it gets out of hand.

Now, I want to hear from you. Did I miss any really good candle safety tips? Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite tips!

If you’re interested in trying out the Citrus Magic Candles, you can find them on Amazon. They smell really great in my opinion, and I would say that even if I wasn’t working as a brand ambassador! My favorite is the Pure Linen, but most of my friends prefer Lavender. Whichever candles you’re using though, please keep these safety tips in mind.