Newsletter: Niger Delta- A New Vision

Acting President Osinbajo is leading the engagement, on behalf of President Buhari and the Federal Government. The Vice President has been visiting oil-producing communities across the Niger Delta, listening to them and outlining the Federal Government’s commitment to the peace, security and development of the region — encapsulated in the Buhari administration’s ‘New Vision for the Niger Delta’.

The New Vision brings together a robust set of promises, solutions, targets and initiatives aimed at ensuring that the people of the Niger Delta benefit maximally from the region’s oil wealth. The New Vision offers a detailed response to the 16-point Demand Agenda submitted to President Buhari by the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) in November 2016.

To coordinate and oversee implementation of all the goals and objectives of the New Vision, The Presidency has established an Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Niger Delta, which is Chaired by the Vice President. A Technical sub-group of this Committee, hosted by the Ministry of the Niger Delta, is charged with the day-to-day implementation of the New Vision.

Tangible results of the New Vision so far include:

  • Approval of a 2017 commencement date for the stalled Nigerian Maritime University in Delta State
  • Approval by President Buhari of an additional 35 billion naira for the 2016 budget of the Presidential Amnesty Programme
  • Approval for the establishment of Modular Refineries across the nine States of the Niger Delta
  • Resumption of construction work on abandoned projects across the Niger Delta, including the all-important East-West Road.

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