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Customers were this awful long before the pandemic

Photo: Alec Soth / Magnum

The U.K. lifted all its COVID-19 restrictions just as Delta peaked. What happens next will tell us how well vaccines are working.

Londoners attending a live performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on July 21, 2021. Photo: David Jensen / Regents Park Theatre / Getty

The creative class was supposed to foster progressive values and economic growth. Instead we got resentment, alienation, and endless political dysfunction.

Illustration: Kimberly Elliott / The Atlantic

I knew the president had clear and straightforward talking points — I’d written them

Image: Getty ; The Atlantic

In the time I spent with Mike Lindell, I came to learn that he is affable, devout, philanthropic — and a clear threat to the nation

Photo-illustration by Adam Maida / The Atlantic. Images: MyPillow; AP; Brent Stirton / Michael Negro / Pacific Press / LightRocket / Getty

Like it or not, the way we work has already evolved

Photo: Lars Tunbjörk / Agence VU / Redu​x

The only thing getting me through my 30s is a cranky, agoraphobic chihuahua named Midge

Photo: Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin / The Atlantic

Why is so much American bureaucracy left to average citizens?

Image: Getty; The Atlantic

Our vaccines are extraordinary, but right now they need all the help they can get

Photo: Bing Guan / Bloomberg / Getty

Robinhood traders have earned the most attention, but they’re only part of a larger story about class stagnation and distrust

Illustration: Lyne Lucien / The Atlantic

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