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Everyone expects Harris to run for president again one day, but her job requires her to avoid even the appearance of preparing for her political future

Photo: Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty

Today’s economic conditions are not just holding Millennials back. They are stratifying them, leading to unequal experiences within the generation as well as between it and other cohorts.

Image: Adam Maida / the Atlantic / Getty

The CDC’s surprising mask announcement was not just a public-health milestone

Image: Alex Wong / Getty / the Atlantic

Three years after his polarizing confirmation hearings, the Supreme Court’s 114th justice remains a mystery

Illustration: Oliver Munday; images from Chip Somodevilla; Saul Loeb / AFP; Michael Reynolds / Getty

It is a truth universally acknowledged that elite parents, in possession of excellent jobs, want to get their kids into college

Image: Adam Maida / The Atlantic / Getty

The representative from Wyoming is taking a stand against an authoritarian streak in the Republican Party that she helped cultivate

Photo: Caroline Brehman / CQ-Roll Call, Inc /Getty

Daily shots are plummeting. Is it the FDA’s fault, or the inevitable result of America’s stubbornly high vaccine resistance?

Image: Getty / The Atlantic

The best job perk? Self-determination.

Illustration: Sebastian König

On a popular newsletter service, personal feuds have become a form of professional marketing — and a growing part of the media ecosystem

Image: Getty / The Atlantic

How right-wing politicians and pundits became fixated with what has long been an academic theory

Image: Steve Liss / CSA Images / Getty / Katie Martin / The Atlantic

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