Patricia Karvelas interview with Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga: RN Breakfast

The Australia Institute
Aug 14 · 7 min read
Image: Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga is urging definitive action on climate change (UN Women/ BY-NC-ND 2.0) sourced from ABC News.

The leaders are going to meet tomorrow in their retreat. Discussions so far, as far as I know now, within the groups of the forum, by members of the forum is to call on Australia to end coal mining not to open new coal mining and also to do things that are necessary to keep up with the targets of Paris agreement.

But on coal mining, as far as I know, the current thing on the table now is to call for the end of coal mining and not to open new coal mining.

We were given science the other day here in Tuvalu and it is really terrifying to hear all the leaders of the Pacific Island countries hearing the science that we already heading towards a three degree Celsius temperature increase by the end of the century. That would spell complete demise and submersion of Tuvalu and islands like Tuvalu into the sea. This is ridiculous and I don’t think it is acceptable. It’s totally unacceptable to Tuvalu.

Let me say that we are already crossing the red lines for Tuvalu in terms of survival.

We are already crossing the red lines for, to keep, to save the small island countries and also to keep them afloat above water. We need to implement and recognise our obligations under the convention to avoid dangerous levels of emissions and climate change effect on people and current and future generations.

So if it is a red line for Australia- coal mining not to touch that- I’m saying, we are already crossing the red lines for the lives of the people of Tuvalu and many others.

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