I want to travel, to follow cultures,I want it to rain, I wish the sun wasn’t dry, hoping it smiles, I think of trees, wish they grew taller, to shelter us. more, to visualize a feeling, to realize a resolution to live within expression.

I love these white walls, I wish we had bluer clouds, I want it to snow, feeling the snowflakes from the highest mountains, I want to hike, to elaborate the existence of nature, to talk with nature within wilderness, to ride a giraffe, to fly with Eagles.

I want to teach, to educate, I want to write, on the walls, on clouds, on surfaces or sea. I want to swim, living in the depths of fiction, conversations with eels, sea horses and whales. I want to love, the love that is desired, the love we found, the love they found the love that exists.

But for now, I want to continue this day dream.

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