Supporting Independent News through Local Syndication

How we’re making sure news consumers find independent and local news sources over traditional mass media like CNN

The latest news feature of The Breaking News Network is simply syndicating good national breaking news as it happens across our 350 cities in the US and Canada. But not the corporate kind associated with major networks — TV, cable and print — now run by media conglomerates. We really responded to Mike Hudack’s, former CEO of internet media company and now Director of Product at Facebook, rant on the state of the media.

Here’s our simple take:

News now requires scale to maintain profitability in the face of a shrinking revenue base, and that has caused the consolidation of news sources to media conglomerates like Comcast and NewsCorp. To attract massive audience shares, they necessarily focus content on compelling short tail topics, like missing airplanes and crazed mass murderers. And according to Mike Hudack: “they write stupid stories about how you should wash your jeans instead of freezing them”. And yes, they are popular.

The paradox is the Internet and smartphones have made everybody an avid news consumer, consuming at every waking moment and increasing the demand for news. Far more demand than can currently be supplied. By habit, the news consumers know and follow the traditional media, but for the most part, haven’t discovered the hundreds of independent news resources that simply haven’t had enough exposure. These publications aren’t producing articles on washing jeans for viral attraction, God forbid every publisher resorts to this tactic, but their unique investigative coverage need the eyeballs for consumer relevancy, let alone an advertiser base.

Hudack implores, “ someone should fix this shit”. So we’ll do our part to support independent and local news publishers gain more exposure down to the local levels where The BNN’s readers are. We’ll do this by syndicating breaking news from publications associated with independent news associations The Media Consortium (The Nation, American Prospect, Mother Jones), the Investigative News Network (ProPublica, Sunlight Foundation) and the Association of Alternative NewsMedia. And we’ll syndicate their best work every day across 300+ cities, right down to Lake Norman, Alabama.

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